2018 Liebster Awards Nomination

This year, I was nominated by the lovely Aaren from What Do You Sea (does anyone else love the name of her blog and wishes they would’ve thought of it first?!). Head over here to check out her blog and read about Aaren’s adventures around the world!

Getting nominated by Aaren meant more to me than she can imagine! Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest at the moment, and sometimes I wonder if people go into my post, read over it, and then just leave. To read what she wrote about me in her nomination post was like, what? someone actually read my about page!? Thank you so much, Aaren! I also loved discovering your blog via this nomination, I can’t get enough of reading about your adventures and seeing your beautiful photographs!

The Liebster Awards were created by The Global Aussie in 2011 as a way to promote new blogs – I’m so stoked to be one of them! If you’re curious about learning the rules of Liebster Awards, head over here.

I had so much fun getting writing this post and answering the questions Aaren from What Do You Sea had for me (one of the things a nominee for the Liebster Awards has to do is nominate other bloggers and create a fun questionnaire for them to answer!). One of my biggest struggles when blogging is the fact that I’m really bad when it comes to talking about myself, which is one of the things I plan on working on next year!

Why I Started No Hurry To Get Home

I started No Hurry To Get Home back in late 2017 with big plans to turn into the go-to place for travel tips on Africa. At the time, No Hurry To Get Home was called something else and to my disdain, no one was actually reading what I wrote.

I was traveling at the time and learning how to manage and promote a website was something I couldn’t handle while on the road with an unreliable internet connection, so I abandoned the idea of owning a blog for a while.

Fast-forward a few months later and I returned home after three years of full-time travel. Talking with friends and family about all the things I had been up to all those years made me realize I DID have a bunch of stuff to share and it was all a matter of figuring out HOW to get people to discover my posts.

I decided to stay home for several months to learn the ropes of blogging – from SEO to Pinterest to branding and by March, No Hurry To Get Home was starting to become a *thing*. I made my first affiliate sale and began getting over a hundred visitors a day – people were actually interested in what I had to say!

This might sound super cliché, and while I still have so much to learn, a million things to write about (three years of travel is a LOT to catch up on!), and many more ways in which I want this blog to grow, I struggle to find the words to describe the joy that blogging brings me. I love writing, curating pictures, editing my posts and finally releasing them into the internet universe and hopefully help someone plan their travels or inspire them to follow my path – especially when it involves inspiring more girls to drop their fears and travel the world!


When you get nominated for a Liebster award, the blogger who nominates you has to ask you a series of questions. I love Aaren’s questions, especially the ones about my future plans – 2018 is almost over and I’ve been meaning to map out all my goals, so this was a perfect way to force myself to do it!


If you could only keep one photo from all of your travels, what would it be? What were you feeling in that moment?

This might be a thoroughly boring answer, as I could’ve picked a photo of me hitchhiking in Zambia or climbing an active volcano in the Congo, but instead, I’ll go for this one:

It’s a picture of my sweet Kiara, a street dog I met while living in Thailand who sort of became my shadow. She’d follow me everywhere I went and we created such a special bond that I ended up staying in Thailand a year more than I had originally planned. Kiara had to stay in Thailand once my visa was over… at the time I was traveling to Africa for work and it was impossible to bring her along. A few days back, Gaby, the woman who was taking care of her told me Kiara passed away. She was the loveliest dog I’d ever met and I was planning on settling somewhere just so I could go and take her to live with me, but that’s life, I guess.

What are the three big things that you want to improve/begin/lose in 2019?

I want to begin making a full-time passive income from No Hurry To Get Home. Currently, it earns enough money for me to live in cheaper countries and regions like Mexico or Southeast Asia (maybe not Singapore, though!), but one of my goals in 2019 is to move to Europe and make it a base for my travels. Currently, freelance travel writing and web design are my main hustles, which I love doing and don’t ever plan on quitting that side of my creative career, but I’d love to be able to focus more on the blog and travel whenever I want without a to-do list.

Another big goal I have is to turn my freelance career as a web design into a studio! So far my clients come from word of mouth, but I’d love to make it official. I’m already working on the website and I can’t wait for it to launch!


  1. Earn at least $3,000 from this blog alone
  2.  Move to Europe (but still travel at least five months a year)
  3. Start The Traveling Studio (yep, it already has a name and all!)

I have even more goals than those three, but these are the main ones!

What is your personality type? Did you find your results to be accurate? Did it alter how you perceive yourself?

I got Mediator Personality and yes, I felt as though the description first perfectly to me! This paragraph, in particular, felt as though they had dug into my mind and put into words all the things I think about myself: “While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, Mediators have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Comprising just 4% of the population, the risk of feeling misunderstood is unfortunately high for the Mediator personality type – but when they find like-minded people to spend their time with, the harmony they feel will be a fountain of joy and inspiration.”

What was the first monumental point in your career/blog that proved that your hard work was beginning to pay off?

There have been many, including getting the chance to co-author a book, but I think the monumental point was my first affiliate sale! I know it might sound silly, considering I made like $2 out of it, but it was the moment I realized that living off blogging could be possible! I had been working for months already writing posts and learning how to promote them and honestly, I was starting to give up. This first affiliate sale was what pushed me to keep going! I’d love to know who the person who made the purchase was and send them a gift basket or something, because I’m not sure No Hurry To Get Home would still exist today if it weren’t for that first sale in March 17th, 2018 (yep! I still remember the date and everything!)

You’re going on a road trip down the west coast, what are three snacks that you can’t set off without?

Lays covered in lemon and chilly sauce (I know that sounds super weird but we do it here in Mexico and it’s DELICIOUS!). The second and third would be the same, I’m addicted. And maybe some granola bars?

What are two things you practice each day to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and your passion?

I’m a very unorganized person, so I’m used to starting the day with a million ideas on things I want to get done and then I wind up not doing much at all because I can’t decide where to start. I bought myself a pretty journal and began mapping out my goals for the week and prioritizing things, so now I know exactly what needs to get done every day. It really changed the way I work.

And that’s all really. I plan on starting to get some exercise done before I begin to work because working from home means not having a steady schedule and sometimes forgetting to move much. I’m hoping this will improve my health, as I often find myself feeling tired by noon.

Are you a city/mountain/jungle/beach person? Has traveling ever changed this?

This is so hard to answer because I love them all, but if I had to choose, I’d go for city first and jungle second. I was born in Mexico City so anything smaller than a big city like Paris makes me feel trapped, but I do love spending time in jungle-y settings because I’m a really visual person and I get extremely inspired by the shapes and colors of rainforests.

You set out on more travels and find yourself homesick. What meal would you cook to cure your homesickness?

Tacos, but this is usually impossible abroad because the concept of tacos outside of Mexico is so different from the real thing and I struggle to find authentic ingredients. It’s really sad.

What is something new that you’ve tried that you ended up loving and sticking with?

Travel, ha! I know this sounds like such a basic answer because my blog is all about travel, but I had my first taste of solo travel at 17 and I was completely terrified, but once I did it I was like”hey! this is not that hard!” and never really looked back. Fast-forward six years later and I’ve been to almost 50 countries and built a career that allows me to go wherever I want whenever I feel like it!

Where is one place in the world that you love, but has been underrated?





  • What are your travel goals for 2019? I don’t mean what countries you want to visit (but feel free to list those too!), but rather what are the things you want to improve when it comes to travel? For example, one of my biggest issues being a digital nomad is that I struggle balancing work and travel, so one of my goals is to work on creating passive income sources so I no longer have to work when I go on shorter trips.
  • What is one destination you’ve visited that everyone gushes about but you just didn’t get what the hype is all about?
  • What is the funniest thing someone has told you when you told them you’re a blogger?
  • Tell me one song you listened to while abroad and now always play on repeat? Mine is Hewala by Linex!
  • What are some of the things you hate about blogging?
Daniela Ramos
Daniela Ramos

Since I was little, I knew that I did not want to work in an office and instead, I wanted to travel all around the world.

Throughout my travels, I have lived in a Maasai village in Tanzania, spent over a year working in a tiny river-side village in Thailand, taught geography to novice monks at a monastery school in Myanmar, climbed to see the world largest lava lake in the world in the Congo, traveled Africa by public transport, hitchhiked around Europe, and more!


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