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The Best Books on National Parks

Whether you're looking for books on national parks to prepare for your next outdoor adventure, to get inspiration on where to go next, or to gift that friend who loves to explore, here's a list of the best books as recommended by top travel bloggers. Best Books on National Parks My First Summer in the Sierra by John Muir John Muir is a famous naturalist and c[...]


The Ultimate Los Angeles Bucket List

Visiting Los Angeles and wondering what to do while in the city? To make planning a little easier for you, I got some of the best travel bloggers out there who have been to LA to put together the ultimate Los Angeles bucket list! The Ultimate Los Angeles Bucket List Los Leones If you can only pencil in one hike during your LA adventure, make sure you chec[...]

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Where to Stay When Visiting Joshua Tree

Located right between the Colorado and Mojave deserts, Joshua Tree National Park is a dreamland when it comes to striking desert scenery and one of the most unique places to visit in California. If you're currently planning a trip to the heart of the California desert and wondering where to stay when visiting Joshua Tree, keep reading. From some of the most unique glam[...]

Things to do in Page, AZ

Located on the southern shores of Lake Powell, Page is a small town with so much to offer. As the gateway to some of the most striking desert highlights in Arizona, Page is a wonderland when it comes to all things adventure and desert magic. If you're wondering what to do in Page, you can rest assured this town has plenty to offer on its menu. From the hiking trails of[...]

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New York at Night: Things to Do in NYC After Dark

New York at night is an absolute wonderland. NYC is a wonderful place to be any time of day, but there is a reason it’s known as the City That Never Sleeps. Even though you can find incredible activities to do during the day, the city takes a special twist as soon as the sun goes down. Fun in New York City doesn't ever end, and if you enjoy exploring cities after dar[...]

Your Guide to the Best Things to Do in Palm Springs

There's something special about Palm Springs, California. Maybe it's the way the sun seems to shine brighter here, or the way the desert flowers bloom in vivid colors. Or maybe it's the laid-back vibe and the friendly people. Whatever it is, Palm Springs is one of the most unique places to visit in California and has that flair that keeps visitors coming back year afte[...]


Exploring the Magic of Guanajuato’s Pueblos Mágicos

Growing up in Mexico City, Guanajuato was never really on my radar as a must-visit destination. After all, going just about anywhere else in the world sounded a lot more enticing to me. When I came back to Mexico City in 2020, I made it my mission to explore as much of my home country as I possibly could. Borders to most other countries were closed, anyway, so it only[...]

Incredible Things To Do In Tulum

Tulum went from being a tiny fishing village to turning into one of Mexico's most popular beach destinations. Seriously, I remember when I visited for the first time way before I became a travel blogger and the change is insane! It makes total sense, though. Not only are the pristine beaches that line the town absolutely picture-perfect, but there's also so much to do[...]