Exploring the Magic of Guanajuato’s Pueblos Mágicos

Growing up in Mexico City, Guanajuato was never really on my radar as a must-visit destination. After all, going just about anywhere else in the world sounded a lot more exciting for me. When I came back to Mexico City in 2020, I made it my mission to explore as much of my home country as I possibly could. Borders to most other countries were closed, anyway, so it only[...]

Incredible Things To Do In Tulum

Tulum went from being a tiny fishing village to turning into one of Mexico's most popular beach destinations. Seriously, I remember when I visited for the first time way before I became a travel blogger and the change is insane! It makes total sense, though. Not only are the pristine beaches that line the town absolutely picture-perfect, but there's also so much to do[...]

Oaxaca City is one of the best places to visit in Mexico

Hidden Gems in Mexico You Have to Check Out

Even though most people head to destinations like Tulum, Cancun, and Los Cabos, Mexico is a humongous country with a lot more to offer visitors. Whether you're on the lookout for a beach holiday, a trip spent gorging on authentic street food or exploring small colorful towns, Mexico has a little something for everyone. There are a thousand plus one hidden gems in Mexic[...]

The Ultimate Yucatan Peninsula Itinerary

Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is one of my favorite places to travel in Mexico.  From its pristine coastline, its incredible wildlife, and the most unique natural wonders, I always feel it's the perfect place to get an introduction to Mexico, so whenever someone comes to visit me, I always make an effort to show them around the area. A perfect two-week Yucatan Pe[...]

Visiting Las Coloradas: Mexico’s Pink Lakes

Back when I was a teenager, I stumbled across a set of pictures of Lake Retba, a pink lake in Senegal and I became obsessed, not knowing that there were lakes just like it in my own country. Just like most people visiting Las Coloradas nowadays, I found out about the existence of Mexico's pink lakes via Instagram and have visited them twice since then. It's pretty cra[...]

Things to do in Holbox Island, Mexico

How do you even begin to plan a trip to an island that is saturated by beauty, natural wonders, and picture-perfect white-sand beaches? Holbox Island used to be one of the biggest hidden gems in Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula, but it has gained a lot of popularity because, well... it's a truly amazing destination! With so many things to do in Holbox, planning the per[...]

The Best Cenotes In Valladolid (That You Can Bike To)

August has been filled with some pretty kick-ass activities all over the ever-alluring Yucatan Peninsula, and one of my favorites by far has been getting to visit many of the best cenotes in Valladolid, a stunning colonial town lined by quaint and colorful buildings that sits just a short bus ride away from Tulum. The Best Cenotes in Valladolid What are cenotes?[...]

Cacaluta Bay: My Beach Paradise in Oaxaca, Mexico

I've officially found one of the dreamiest Mexican Beaches and I never expected it would be on the coast of Huatulco, Oaxaca (I would have sworn the best beaches were in the Yucatan Peninsula!). My little slice of paradise is called Cacaluta Beach and if you're into secluded paradises away from the crowds, you're going to fall hard for it, too! It looks like this:[...]

Jalatlaco: Oaxaca’s Best Kept Secret

If it weren't for the fact that my father decided to make this neighborhood his home a couple of years back when he moved to Oaxaca for work, I doubt I would have ever had the opportunity to discover Jalatlaco. This quaint little barrio is truly one of the hidden gems in Mexico. It sits a ten-minute walking distance from Oaxaca's city center. And yet, it struggles to[...]