Fantastic Bornean Animals and Where To Find Them: The Best Wildlife Encounters in Borneo

Borneo is a mecca for wildlife encounters. If you're on the planning stages of your Borneo itinerary, chances are that you want to spend most of your days exploring Borneo's jungles. Top Wildlife Encounters in Borneo If you're a wildlife junkie like me, then Malaysian Borneo needs to be on your radar. While the most iconic animal is undoubtedly the Orangutan, the i[...]

Finding Paradise at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park: A Guide To Kota Kinabalu’s Islands

  Kota Kinabalu is such an underrated city. It has such a relaxed vibe, a killer food scene, and plenty of hipster coffee shops where I'd go to work every evening. But this post isn't about Kota Kinabalu, so why am I *still* gushing about my new-found love for the city? No, this post is about Adul Rahman Marine Park. Or put into simpler (and easier to pronounce) words[...]

Seeing Orangutans the Right Way: Sepilok Orangutan Center

  The first thing you'll notice is the shake of the trees. If you're anything like me, your heart will be palpitating like crazy from excitement at this point. Slowly after, you'll begin catching glimpses of orange specks amid the leaves as orangutans swing towards the feeding platform. --- Even though Borneo is a mecca for wildlife sightings, the stars of the show ar[...]

Borneo Itinerary: Two Weeks In Sarawak & Sabah

I loved Borneo, guys. I know that's a weird way to start a blog post, but I really felt so hard for part of the world that I'm already cooking up plans to return next year. As you might know, I had really bad luck during my trip to Asia earlier this year. Catching dengue fever in Sri Lanka was not fun and the three weeks I spent in Borneo after recovering were a rem[...]