Through My Lens: Vietnam

So yesterday was Balinese New Year's Eve. Instead of partying it up, the Balinese treat it as a day of reflection and meditation. Lights must be kept off, the internet was completely shut down on the island, and no one is allowed to go out. Foreigners aren't really expected to follow all the rules and we are free to do as we wish as long as we stay inside our rooms with[...]

Awesome Things To Do in Ella, Sri Lanka

Ella is a laid-back town in Sri Lanka where the jungle meets the mountains.  Although small, this quaint hill town is a vibrant spot with so many things to do for nature and culture lovers alike. My three-day stop in Ella was a highlight during my travels through Sri Lanka, so it only made sense for me to write a post on my favorite things to do in Ella! He[...]

Through My Lens: Photos To Inspire You To Visit Sri Lanka

  It's been a while since I last left you guys! After spending the first half of February exploring a completely new country for me, I flew to Bali to focus on writing useful guides on travel in Sri Lanka. To my dismay, however, life had bleaker plans in store for me and instead, I'd spend the following two weeks locked up in my room battling dengue fever. I[...]

8 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With Sri Lanka

Brimming with rolling tea plantations, unbeatable wildlife sightings, and paradisiacal beaches, it's no wonder that I fell head-over-heels in love with Sri Lanka. I think what I loved about Sri Lanka is how diverse it is despite its relatively small size and how it acts as a fantastic introduction to the best South Asia has to offer. From its diverse cuisine, its[...]

Myanmar Packing List: A List of Essentials For A Trip To Burma

As your trip to Myanmar approaches, you’ll inevitably ask yourself this question: What to wear in Myanmar?. I’ve put together a perfect Myanmar packing list that will make your trip to The Golden Land a breeze! Way back in 2016, I spent a month traveling Myanmar and it quickly became my favorite destination in Asia. Given that I’d already spent more than a year in So[...]