My Travel and Personal Goals for 2019

  So it's New Year's Eve and I'm nowhere near a party. Instead, I'm sitting in front of my desk writing down my goals. Uncool? Maybe, but this is exactly how I envisioned I'd be closing up the year! Plus, I've never really been cool anyway. Also, you bet your ass I'm sipping rosé while writing this post.   2018 was all about getting my life back in order and[...]

The Ways In Which Myanmar Will Steal Your Heart Forever

Edit: I wrote this post in 2016, two months before the current unrest in Myanmar began. As much as I loved the country, please know that I do not support the genocide against the Rohingya. I'm against boycotting countries, because honestly if we boycott one, we'd have to boycott them all (including our own, so we might as well move to the Moon). Whether visit[...]

Trekking Nyiragongo Volcano in the Congo: Everything You Need to Know

  Every since I first step foot in sub-Saharan Africa back in March 2017, I had been debating whether to trek Nyiragongo or not. On one hand, I was afraid I would fail to make it to the top. For someone who gets short-breathed after climbing two flights of stairs, an 8-kilometer trek sounded impossible. Plus, the costs of the DRC visa and the permit to actually be all[...]

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary: Trekking With Wild Rhinos in Uganda

  After an action-packed week in Diani Beach, I was wondering if visiting Uganda was even worth the long bus trip. I based myself in Kampala for two weeks before my feet began feeling restless again. My budget was slowly fading away, and while the thought of gorilla trekking fascinated me, doing it in Uganda was way out of my budget. But I knew I wanted to do somethin[...]

Kampala Like A Local: 8 Things To Do In The Ugandan Capital

  I’m not a huge fan of African capital cities. I usually find them busy and noisy and I would much rather be anywhere else. But Kampala was different and I really think everyone should include this compelling capital on their Uganda itinerary. IThe insane boda-bodas zig-zagging their way through the merciless traffic, the crazy nightlife, the never-ending aisles of[...]