How to Find Unique Places to Stay in Europe with Naturehouse

Picture this: You wake up in a house in the middle of nowhere, you open your window and all you can see around you is nature. You prepare a hot cup of tea and sit at the balcony watching birds fly by. After breakfast, you go for a hike in the woods or a walk on the beach before heading back home for lunch to set up a picnic by the lake. You spend the rest of the day re[...]

8 Beautiful Things To Do in Corfu

Corfu is a total gem. Corfu is one of the best beach destinations in Europe, but it's also home to lush mountains that you can spend days hiking, and a hell of a lot of mythological legends, this little island on the Ionian has enough to keep you entertained for weeks on end. I spent a few days exploring the island with Vincent and while we got to see so many incred[...]

What to Pack For a Summer in Italy

Planning a trip to Italy this summer and wondering what to bring along? After lots of trial and error, I've put together the only packing guide you'll ever need. Plus, did I mention everything on this list easily fits into a carry on?! Here’s my carry-on packing list for Italy in Summer: Clothes + Accessories 7 undies7 pairs of socks3-4 bras5 t-shirts1 pair of[...]

Packing For Paris in Summer (In Just A Carry On!)

Planning a trip to the French capital and wondering what to pack for Paris in the summer? I’ve put together the perfect Paris summer packing list for you! Did I mention it’s a carry-on only packing list? I’ll show you how I pack for most of my trips, including tricks on how you can take EVERYTHING you need to pack for a summer in Paris in just a carry-on.   &n[...]

Packing for Europe: 8 Essentials You Need To Bring Along

  With so much to do across Europe, deciding what to bring can be a pain, especially if you're packing for Europe in summer, when the weather across countries varies so much. And more than just that, there are always a few things that we tend to forget to bring along because hey, there are a few things that might not even cross our minds! For that reason, I put togeth[...]

Paris Winter Packing List + Tips on What To Wear in Paris

Planning a trip to the French capital and wondering what to pack for Paris in winter? I love Paris even more during the winter months. There's something about its pastel-shaded buildings that just works with gloomier days. Plus, the January sales all over the Champs-Elysees, it's all about the January sales and don't even get me started on how pretty Paris looks when it li[...]

Winter Destinations in Europe

Visiting Europe in winter? While many choose to escape the cold by heading to Caribbean destinations like Curacao or Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, those who love exploring without tourists crowds around head to Europe instead. While the thought of exploring somewhere that's cold can sound off-putting, Europe managed to make it a real treat! Some of its many fairytale-like vi[...]

Fairytale Destinations to Visit in Europe

There’s no better place than Europe to feel as though you’ve jumped into a parallel world through the pages of your favorite childhood storybooks considering most of those stories actually came from there. From France’s Beauty and the Beast to Denmark’s Little Mermaid, and Germany’s Rapunzel, it’s no wonder that many of us feel so […]