My name is Daniela Ramos (23). I began traveling full time in mid-2015 and still going! I am a photographer and a wanna-be writer. 


I never left my 9-5 job to travel the world and break free, I didn't really give myself the chance to do that, because I never really got a “real” job. Since I was little, I knew that I did not want to work in an office doing a job I hated and that, instead, I wanted to travel all around the world doing what I loved the most: photographing people. I booked a one-way ticket to Madrid in the summer of 2015 with $1000 to my name and I found ways to support myself along the way.


I began pursuing my dreams before I even had time to be bored with my life.


I like to think that I am not traveling, but instead, I am moving around all the time. I try to stay in one place for at least one month when it is possible so that I can truly get to know the country I visit. I love independent travel and more often than not, I will choose to take the cramped old chicken bus rather than the comfortable alternatives.


I truly believe that travel is something everybody can achieve. Growing up, I always thought that traveling was something that only rich people and successful journalists did. But then the internet became available for everyone and I started digging - the amount of ways to travel extremely cheaply, to earn money online through freelancing, or finding opportunities online was overwhelming and I did them all – I left home with almost no money, wondering if I could make it work. At some point, the money was gone, and as much as I wanted to go back home, I kept pushing (also due to the fact that I couldn't really afford a ticket home). 


Three years after inching my first steps in Madrid, I have travelled around Europe, lived and worked in Thailand, got sent to travel in Africa for a travel organization as a content writer and photographer, started my own business, gotten a kick-ass CV, met the love of my life and likely seen and experienced more than most people do in their lives.


I started this blog as a creative outlet, but also as a way to show others that travel is something everyone can do if you are willing to leave your comfort zone (and that yes! It is completely possible to go on the adventure of your life and making a career out of it).In this two years, I have traveled Europe for five months (mostly hitchhiking, wild camping, and overall really roughing it up), lived and worked in a small village in Thailand for one year, spent three weeks living in a monastery school in Myanmar, overlanded parts of eastern Africa, met my boyfriend in Germany and turned the country into a sort of base, found a job doing blogging and photography for a travel organization that paid me to travel to remote places and SO. MUCH. MORE.


It was the best decision of my life.