The Ultimate Gift Guide for Girls Who Love To Travel

It’s that time of the year again! Can you spot the twinkling lights all over? I’m currently in Germany and I’m so excited to visit all the Christmas markets and drink glüwhein until I drop!

Moreover, this blog is almost one year old, which means it hasn’t seen Christmas yet! For that reason, I felt it was appropriate to celebrate its first holiday season with a gift guide for all my fellow travel-obsessed gals out there!

This Phone-Charging Passport Holder From LovieStyle

If you’ve ever read any of my packing guides, you probably already know I’m absolutely obsessed with these phone-charging passport holders by LovieStyle, so it’s a no-brainer that they made it to the top of the list! There are tons of colors available to choose from, so check their listing on Amazon and take your pick!

Not only are they super cute and will keep her most precious document safe, but they’ll also make her days of walking all over the airport in search of an unoccupied socket a part of her dark, dark past.

A travel towel

This might not be ideal for luxury travelers, but if your travel-obsessed friend loves traveling backpacker-style, she’ll love this. If you’ve ever backpacked, you’ll know how annoying it is to carry a towel everywhere you go. Not only are they heavy, but they also take up a ton of space in your luggage.

I read about travel towels on loads of blogs I love, but I honestly always thought they were some sort of gimmick. A few months back, my boyfriend gave one to me as a present and I have to admit, I was totally wrong! They’re light, thin (so they take barely any space) and dry up so fast!

If your aim this year is to gift her something that will make her life on the road easier, this will definitely do the trick!

This bag from PacSafe so she can keep her things safe

Trust me, if your travel-obsessed girl loves hitting the road alone, she’ll adore this! One of the biggest issues solo travelers face is having no extra pair of eyes to look after your belongings – be it when you want to go for a swim at the beach or when riding a train.

The fabric these bags are made of is impossible to cut, so she can lock it around a palm tree and go for a swim worry-free.

Sweatshirts to keep her warm 

When it comes to keeping her warm and comfortable while exploring the world, nothing beats a sweatshirt. With a wide variety of styles available in the market, you can find the perfect one to suit her taste.

But why stop there? Take this gift to the next level by customizing the sweatshirt with beautiful embroidery. Not only will it make the sweatshirt unique, but it will also show your love for her. You can go directly to Printful to discover how you can make this personalized gift a reality.

A bucket list journal

Every traveler has a bucket list that includes places we want to visit and a myriad of things we want to do in our life.

The problem? This list will never really be complete because we keep adding more and more stuff as we go, be it climbing that volcano a guy we met at our hostel told us about, or even revisiting places we fell in love with.

This cute bucket list journal has enough pages to write down all the crazy ideas she’ll come up with and also features inspirational travel quotes!

This travel journal where she can write all the info she needs during her trips + her memories

I love it because it has so many different sections and acts as a useful guide to make sure she writes down everything she’ll need during her trip – from itineraries to hotel addresses!

Buy it on Amazon.

Airbnb Credit

Because I cannot think of a situation in which this wouldn’t be useful.

Get it on Amazon.

This marble-texture passport case

I mean, who doesn’t need marble textures in their lives?

Buy it on Amazon.


Drinking tap water in developing countries is a huge no-no, which means us travelers usually have to buy water bottles everywhere we go.

Enter: The Grayl! I got this as a Christmas present from my boyfriend last year and sort of never looked back. The Grayl is a water purifier that cleans any source of water in seconds and makes it safe to drink!

Long gone are the days of your gal spending her hard-earned cash on buying plastic bottles. And as a bonus, you’ll help her make her travels more environmentally-friendly!

A scratch map of the world

It’s a fun way to keep tabs on everywhere she’s been to!

Buy it on Amazon.

This portable coffee-maker

Because it’s the best travel-related invention since airplanes became a thing.

Buy it on Amazon.

This carry-on approved cocktail kit

Because we’ve all been there and we all desperately wish we had this every once in a while.

Get it on Amazon.

A book to inspire her to visit new destinations

There are so many travel-related books I love, including Emily Hahn’s Nobody Said Not To Go, Nicole Trilivia’s Girls Who Travel, and Tales of a Female Nomad.

Another great read is The Carry-On Traveller, which is a guide to packing light. If you’re not new to my blog, you probably already know that I’m a religious carry-on packer. It really does make travel easier and more affordable!

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