We Bought a Van!

Guuuys, my boyfriend and I bought an old Volkswagen T4, to be exact.

Vincent had the idea to convert one like, a month ago, and it’s been our dream ever since. We’d been looking online for offers, but last week, a friend of Vincent’s mom casually told her he was thinking of selling his old van and yeah… he ended up selling it to us for a price we simply couldn’t say no to! The van is in a pretty shabby state at the moment, but it makes it a whole lot exciting to think of the possibilities of what it can be converted into.

Vincent likes to travel, but he isn’t necessarily obsessed about it like I am. Even though he is extremely supportive of what I do, having a partner that sometimes just ups and leaves for three-month-long trips isn’t easy – add to that the fact that we’ve been going long-distance for almost three years now and well, yeah… it’s challenging.

It seems that we’ve finally found a compromise! This is a great way to travel somewhat cheaply, doing long-ish trips while still having that feeling of being at home in some way.  It was 100% Vincent’s idea, which I think he got after seeing an Instagram post of a dude traveling through Scandinavia in his converted RV. I have a slight suspicion that Vincent is more excited to convert the van that the actual road trips we’ll take, but hey!

We don’t plan on doing the whole #vanlife thing as we do want to have a base to come home to, but we plan on doing a ton of trips through Europe whenever we can. The Amalfi Coast is first on my bucket list, and Vincent wants to road trip thought Sweden – so we’ll see what happens first. Most likely, though, we’ll start with a short trip close to home to test the van out before going to other countries.

Full disclosure: we have no idea what’s going on. The van is in a pretty bad condition and we have no clue how to actually convert a van, but we’ll take things step by step and see where it takes us. We also have plans to start a separate blog run by both of us where we’ll share our process as well as our road trips.


I’ll wrap this up this quick update with a few before pictures of our van. I totally meant it when I said it’s in a pretty bad condition (to put things into perspective – the previous owner used it to transport his sheep, and the proof is in the smell lol).

We first need to clean it thoroughly, then fix some things like the back window and then the fun will start. I’m wondering if we can somehow manage to fit in a mattress, a table/office space for me and a tiny kitchen? We’ll see!

Van life conversion RV-2938
Van life conversion RV-2923
Van life conversion RV-2943
Van life conversion RV-2899
Van life conversion RV-2931
Van life conversion RV-2930
Van life conversion RV-2917
Van life conversion RV-2909
Van life conversion RV-2928
Van life conversion RV-2919
Van life conversion RV-2908
Van life conversion RV-2907

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Daniela Ramos
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