Planning the Perfect Destination Proposal

Popping the question to the one you love deserves an unforgettable setting.

While some partners are happy to be proposed to publicly, others might prefer a more private set-up. For many couples, destination proposals offer this sense of privacy, whether done on a secluded beach or on a balcony with a stunning backdrop.

Planning the Perfect Destination Proposal

It means you can whisk your partner away from reality and fully cherish the occasion together.

Beyond buying a perfect engagement ring, you’ll need to take the time to plan your proposal. 

Choosing the right destination

You’re spoilt for choice with possible locations across the world but ultimately, you need to choose somewhere that’s right for the two of you.

Don’t feel pressured into going somewhere generic because you feel as though you should. 

It might be a place with sentimental value or somewhere brand new and exciting.

While a scenic backdrop is a bonus, it isn’t everything. Sometimes, things don’t go to plan so make sure you’re open to being flexible, rather than becoming stressed before you ask your beloved. 

Setting the stage

Setting the stage doesn’t have to be complicated. It can simply mean having a place in mind, such as a beach, a boat, local park, restaurant or even a hot air balloon. 

Have a think about whether you need to put plans in place before the time comes. For example, you might ask the waiters of a restaurant help to bring everything to life. Or, you might want to set up a picnic somewhere. Some people even hire professionals to set the scene for a proposal

Capturing the moment

Make sure this once-in-a-lifetime moment doesn’t go undocumented. Consider hiring a local photographer or videographer who specialises in discreet captures.

This way, you can feel confident knowing you’ll have beautiful, professional photos and videos to look back on. You can relive it and share it with friends and family back at home. 

Coordinate with them beforehand, briefing them on the ideal location and timeframe for the proposal.

You could tell your partner that you’re going for a fancy meal so that they’re dressed for the occasion, or you might prefer to keep things relaxed and natural.

Planning for the unexpected

Travel can be unpredictable. Be prepared for potential hiccups and research backup locations in case of bad weather.

You should also consider a Plan B for unforeseen delays caused by traffic or missed flights. 

You might find comfort in always carrying the ring. This way, you’ll have the freedom to bring it out whenever you like, as the moment might strike unexpectedly.

Packing the engagement ring in your carry-on will also help with peace of mind. You may also want to secure travel insurance for added security.