Peru Packing List: A Detailed Guide With Everything You’ll Need For Your Trip

Peru is a really diverse country. One day, you might be lounging at the beach, the next trekking a snow-capped mountain, and the third day you could very well be delving into the thick Amazon rainforest or sandboarding the dunes of an endless desert. Check out my two-week Peru itinerary to get an idea of what I mean (and feel free to steal any ideas if you haven’t finis[...]

Two Weeks in Peru: A Perfect Backpacking Itinerary

Backpacking two weeks through Peru was one of my first adventures abroad ever. When I first traveled to Peru, I still had a *normal* life - I didn't have the freedom I have now to earn money while traveling back then, and so, the time I had to explore Peru was pretty limited. I’m not usually one to plan too much, but on this occasion, I knew I only had two weeks to m[...]