The Ultimate Bandung Travel Guide

Bandung is the third-largest city in Indonesia and one of the most interesting destinations in Java to visit if you want to explore some of the most thrilling natural wonders the island has to offer. Think striking sulfur volcanoes, incredible hiking opportunities, quirky accommodation options, and amazing city sights. If you love exploring the outdoors but enjoy a goo[...]

Backpacking Java: A Volcano-Packed Itinerary

What can I say about backpacking Java? If you'd ask me what I thought of the island a year ago, I would have told you I hadn't liked it. Not even a little bit. My first time in Indonesia was a complete disaster. I caught dengue fever, I caught bedbugs, I lost my phone, my computer broke and I wasted two days trying to find a place to get it fixed. It rained all the fre[...]

Overlooking the volcanoes in Yoygakarta in Java, Indonesia
Baby Orangutan in Gunung Leuser National Park in Sumatra

Things to Do in Bukit Lawang: Orangutans, Humongous Flowers, and More!

Confession: I had no idea Bukit Lawang even existed until just a few days before I actually got there. Okay, no, I didn't just randomly hop on a flight to get to Bukit Lawang, but I was already backpacking Java and had booked flights to return to visit Borneo, because orangutans are, like, one of my favorite animals (even though I say that about all animals). But t[...]