Packing For Tulum and The Riviera Maya

Ah, Tulum! I'm so excited to be visiting *yet again* in a few weeks. Packing for Tulum is sort of a breeze. I always pack everything in a small carry-on suitcase and I'm good to go! If you're wondering what to pack for Tulum, here's a packing list with the essentials as well as a few useful things that will make your trip easier. Clothes + accessories Pack light,[...]

Paris Winter Packing List + Tips on What To Wear in Paris

Planning a trip to the French capital and wondering what to pack for Paris in winter? I love Paris even more during the winter months. There's something about its pastel-shaded buildings that just works with gloomier days. Plus, the January sales all over the Champs-Elysees, it's all about the January sales and don't even get me started on how pretty Paris looks when i[...]

Peru Packing List: A Detailed Guide With Everything You’ll Need For Your Trip

Peru is a really diverse country. One day, you might be lounging at the beach, the next trekking a snow-capped mountain, and the third day you could very well be delving into the thick Amazon rainforest or sandboarding the dunes of an endless desert. Check out my two-week Peru itinerary to get an idea of what I mean (and feel free to steal any ideas if you haven’t finis[...]

What To Wear In Morocco?

Planning a trip to Morocco and wondering what to wear? I’ve got you! Back in 2015, I inched my first footsteps into Tangier, totally unsure what would be deemed proper attire. It was a pretty last minute side trip from my Spain road trip, so I was really unprepared. And then I did something pretty dumb. Morocco was the first country with a majorly Muslim p[...]

African Safari Packing Essentials

Packing for a safari sounds like tricky business, but it’s honestly easier than it sounds. There is absolutely no need to waste your money in safari gear that will ultimately wind up collecting dust in your closet. Going on safari doesn’t mean dressing up like Crocodile Dundee (you’re more than welcome to if that’s what you’re into, though!). There are just a[...]

Packing For a Summer in Europe (In a Carry on!)

I bet you’re tirelessly planning your summer trip to Europe now and feeling a bit overwhelmed planning your itinerary trying to pick the things you want to do (because there is SO much do here that choosing is kind of impossible). With that said, I thought I'd jump in to make your life a little bit easier by compiling a packing list for you so you can spend the time[...]

Myanmar Packing List: A List of Essentials For A Trip To Burma

As your trip to Myanmar approaches, you’ll inevitably ask yourself this question: What to wear in Myanmar?. I’ve put together a perfect Myanmar packing list that will make your trip to The Golden Land a breeze! Way back in 2016, I spent a month traveling Myanmar and it quickly became my favorite destination in Asia. Given that I’d already spent more than a year i[...]