Jordan Packing Guide For Women

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to book that trip to Jordan. Right now, you’re probably wondering what the heck to pack for a trip to Jordan, so I’ve put together a packing list with everything you need to bring along on your trip to Jordan.

Should female travelers wear headscarves in Jordan?

Jordan has NO laws requiring to wear headscarves, and veils that cover faces are rarely seen. In fact, wearing a hijab has become more of a trend than a religious statement for Jordanian women in metropolitan cities like Amman.

Don’t wear one unless you’re actually a Muslim or when visiting holy sites.

Here’s the thing: Not only is Jordan super tourist-friendly, but it’s also really, really progressive. I mean, HELLO Queen Rania?! Not only is she a super powerful woman, but she is also known for wearing super tight-fitting clothes. Just Google “Queen Rania Outfits” to get an idea of her style.

Jordanian women, especially in Amman, are incredibly stylish and their wardrobes are quite Westernized. I do recommend to avoid showing too much skin to show respect towards the local customs, but you don’t have to overdo it. Basically, dress modestly by covering your cleavage, belly button, and your legs at least down to your knees and you should be good to go!

Here’s my Jordan packing list for women:



  • Breathable pants/trousers. Jordan can be a hot country, but shorts are a no-no due to cultural reasons. A breathable pair of pants is a must!
  • Maxi skirts will do the trick just as well, but for days in Petra and desert nights, the less-fashionable pant option is worth the comfort.
  • A one-piece swimsuit or tankinis like this one for the Dead Sea or Aqaba. While it is a touristy area, I recommend wearing a one-piece swimsuit to show respect.
  • A cover-up for your tankini.
  • Short-sleeve tops. Jordan is not a place where you need to cover yourself completely, but covering your shoulders is adviced to be respectful. Still, Jordan can get hot and so, short-sleeve tops are the next best thing to tank tops, so that’ll have to do!
  • A sweater or hoodie. While temperatures in Jordan tend to be hot, nights can get chilly even during the hottest months of the year, especially in the Wadi Rum desert.
  • Jacket. If you are coming between December and March – it can get really cold. Consider bringing a fleece, too!


  • Sandals to explore cities in. I love these because they combine with any outfit (the nude ones). I’ve also recently heard wonders about these Birkenstock’s sandals for travel.
  • Comfortable hiking shoes. You are basically coming to Jordan to walk long distances – be it in Petra, Wadi Rum desert, or while discovering the endless amounts of sand castles. Durable and comfortable hiking shoes will make your life a lot easier. I recommend the Ahnu’s Sugarpine Hiking Shoes.
  • Extra: Flip flops if you plan on staying in hostels (for the showers). I love these foldable flip flops because they bend and take barely any space in my luggage.


  • Travel adapter. Jordan is weird when it comes to what type of sockets they use.They use the European two and three-pin plus as well as the British square one. Super confusing, so you’ll definitely need to pack a universal travel adapter to make sure you can charge your devices. This would be my #1 essential in any Jordan packing list!
  • Portable charger. If you plan on staying at Wadi Rum, you’ll need a portable charger to be able to use your phone. Electricity there is almost nonexistent and camps are usually solar powered, so it’s super important that you pack one like this one.I’m also currently a bit obsessed with this phone-charging passport cover by Lovie Style.

  • Phone. You can get a sim card at the airport when you arrive in Jordan. I recommend Orange.
  • Camera. Jordan is one of the most photogenic countries I’ve visited. You’ll definitely want to bring a camera to document everything!I always carry my Panasonic Lumix G7 and absolutely LOVE it! The quality of the photos is great and it’s super compact and light. It also shoots video.
  • SD Card. You’re going to take thousands of pictures while in Jordan, so a 32 or 64 GB SD card is a must!
  • Flashlight if you are going to Wadi Rum.


  • A wide-brim hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Sunglasses + sunscreen
  • Wrap or Sarong. While covering your head is definitely not expected or even encouraged while you’re out and about in Jordan, you’ll need one if you plan on visiting mosques.
  • A day bag. I recommend this one from Quechua.
  • Gloves + warm socks if you’re visiting Wadi Rum during the winter season. It never hurts to pack them even if you visit during the hottest months as a precaution.

Documents & Visas

  • Passport
  • Visa. Most nationalities can get a visa on arrival in Jordan for a price approximately $56 USD. Head over here to check if your nationality applies for a visa on arrival to Jordan.BUT. A visa on arrival is not the way to go if you want to save money! Instead, you should get the Jordan Pass. For $99, it gives you a visa waiver (so the cost of your visa is included) AND entry to over 40 attractions around Jordan (including Petra!).

Useful Extras

  • A purifying water bottle like the GRAYL. It filters bacteria, viruses, and chemicals from any source of fresh water in a matter of seconds. Not only is it more environmentally-friendly than buying and disposing of plastic bottles, but it will also save you tons of money in the long run.
  • Travel towel. I used to pack a regular towel on my trips and for years I didn’t realize how dumb that was. They take up tons of space and take ages to dry, so I decided to give travel towels a try and now I never go anywhere without one. They’re super light to carry, take almost no space in my luggage, and they dry super quickly. A huge bonus is that they can double as blankets if you find yourself in a cold plane or bus. I recommend this one by Youphoria.

  • Packing cubes. They’ll save you tons of space because they compress air and they’re also a great way to keep your things organized. I love this set of packing cubes from Ebags.

Travel Insurance For Jordan

As always, I recommend Safety Wing as a reliable insurer for travelers designed travelers. Prices start at only $45 a month and it’s super flexible!

Luckily, medical care in Jordan is considered top-notch and the best in the Middle East, but services are mostly concentrated in Amman. This means, if something happens, you’d need to be evacuated and transferred to the capital, which could be really, really costly.

From exploring Petra to trekking the alluring Wadi Rum area, Jordan is a hub for adventure-filled activities you’re going to want to be covered for minor or bigger accidents.

Disclaimer: This packing list contains affiliate links. This means that, if you click on any links in this packing list and buy something, I might earn a commission at no extra cost to you.