The Ultimate Packing List for Europe in Fall

I love traveling to Europe during the fall.

The summer crowds are gone, queues are shorter, hotel prices are significantly lower, and the weather is still warm enough that I don’t have to dread walking outside.

I find creating a Europe fall packing list kinda tricky. While countries in the north begin dropping temperatures and getting covered in glorious foliage, southern countries like Portugal and Spain are still warm enough to wear short dresses and tank tops. That’s why layers are awesome, right?

So, I’ve put together a packing list for Europe in fall that will hopefully help you forget your packing woes and focus on planning your route.

My main tip is to keep your wardrobe colors neutral and to make sure you bring layers if you’re doing a multi-country trip. This list was made for women (sorry, guys!), but I’m sure my male readers will find a few useful tips in here as well :).


Here’s my packing list for Europe in fall:


  • Jeans.
  • Skirts and/or dresses. They’re great if you have a multi-country itinerary. In southern Italy or Spain, you can still get away with wearing dresses and skirts as the weather is still quite warm during autumn.
    In the cooler countries in the north, you can wear them by pairing them up with tights to keep yourself warm while still looking dressed up. In such a case, I recommend packing dark colors to stay stylish in either area – a bright floral dress would probably look a bit strange with black tights.
  • Shirts. Make sure to pack a few long-sleeves and a few short sleeves for warmer days.
  • Two jackets/coats. A thick one for the cooler days and one lighter one for the days when the sun comes out (let’s hope there’ll be plenty!)
  • 1-2 cardigans. Make sure they match with the rest of your clothes. Black, gray, or brown are always safe colors.
  • 1 pair of leggings
  • 1-2 scarves



  • Boots. Either long boots or ankle boots like these ones from Franco Sarto. They’re super comfortable and will keep you classy!
  • 1 pair of sneakers. I always bring white sneakers like these Toms. I always feel more pressured to look a bit more fashionable in Europe than in other places, and these kind of sneakers are actually in trend there, so you won’t stand out as a tourist.
  • Lots of socks (the more the merrier!)
  • Extra: Flip flops if you plan on staying in hostels (for showering purposes). I love these Sidekick foldable flip-flops.



  • Travel-sized umbrella and/or poncho. It can rain, and an umbrella like this one is always a good idea to add to your Europe packing list.
  • Day bag. I travel with a 20-liter backpack from Quechua (I love their products and have been using them for three years).
  • Purse
  • Beanie or hat


Don’t forget about travel insurance for your trip! As usual, I recommend checking out World Nomads.


  • Universal travel adapter. Most of Europe uses a Type C plug, so you’ll need an adapter. In the UK, they use a type G. I recommend getting a universal travel adapter like this one (it will work everywhere in Europe, including England).
  • Portable charger. You’ll need a portable charger to be able to use your phone and get access to maps, etc. I use this one from Anker.
    I’m also currently a bit obsessed with this phone-charging passport cover by Lovie Style.
  • Kindle (optional)
  • Camera + accessories
  • SD Card. You’re going to take thousands of pictures while in Europe, so I recommend bringing a 32 or 64 GB SD card.



Travel-sized toothpaste + toothbrush

Travel-sized shampoo or dry shampoo from LUSH.

Travel-sized conditioner (optional)

If you are very particular about a shampoo or conditioner and you’re not sure they sell it in Europe, get this set of travel bottles and fill them with your shampoo or conditioner of choice if you plan on traveling only with a carry-on (this is ideal if you’re planning to fly within countries in Europe, as most low-cost airlines charge a fee to check your luggage).

TSA-friendly toiletry bag. By law, you’ll need to put your liquids into a ziplock for a security scan at European airports. It gets kind of annoying having to take your liquids out of your toiletry bag and into a ziplock all the time, so I just keep my toiletries into this TSA-approved bag.



Travel towel. Regular towels take up tons of space and take ages to dry, so I decided to give travel towels a try and WOW! They’re super light to carry, take almost no space in my luggage, and they dry super quickly. A huge bonus is that they can double as blankets if you find yourself in a cold plane or bus. I recommend this one by Youphoria.

Packing cubes. They’ll save you tons of space because they compress air and they’re also a great way to stay organized. You can use one cube for one set of items. Bottoms go into one cube, tops into another, and my underwear + socks into the third one.

You can unpack easily and always know where to find things instead of having to scramble through your bag. This set from Ebags is great!



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Traveling to Europe this fall and wondering what to pack? Here's the ultimate packing list for Europe in fall with all the essentials you need for the perfect European holiday! #EuropeTravel
The perfect packing list for Europe in fall #Europe #Eurotrip
The ultimate packing list for Europe in the fall + a lovely watercolor map of Europe and a few of its top destinations

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