Tips for Doing Camino de Santiago

Doing a long-distance Camino de Santiago as a solo traveller, particularly a female, can be incredibly rewarding, but also a bit nerve-racking.

Tips for Doing Camino de Santiago

However, as long as you go prepared and knowing what to expect, you will be absolutely fine!

So, this article will give you the tips to make your solo Camino safe and enjoyable.

Planning and preparation

Choosing the right route for you will be important.

Although Camino de Santiago routes are all perfectly safe, you may feel more comfortable going on one of the more popular and busy ones.

For example, Camino Frances or Camino Portugues are both good options, that have various shorter route options available too.

They are also very well-serviced, meaning that you won’t have a shortage of eateries or accommodations.

Tips for Doing Camino de Santiago

Travelling solo also means packing smart, as you can’t rely on someone else to bring part of the essentials.

Try and only bring the necessary stuff, ideally high-quality and lightweight materials.

Don’t forget to also pack a small first aid kit, particularly if you have any allergies or need any specific medications.

Accommodation options

You will be happy to hear that accommodation is super easy to find on Camino de Santiago, particularly the more popular routes.

As a solo adventurer, staying in albergues (pilgrim hostels) could be a fun way to meet fellow travellers and make new friends.

If you do prefer your privacy, however, you can also book hotels instead. 

Don’t forget to pre-book all of your accommodation well in advance, as you don’t want to be stranded with nowhere during the busy season.

If research and planning is not your forte, you can always book your trip through a reliable Camino de Santiago travel agency, which will sort it all out for you. 

Tips for Doing Camino de Santiago

Safety precautions

Just like with any solo travel, taking the necessary safety precautions is important.

Firstly, always inform someone at home of your whereabouts – tell them what your daily plans are and expected arrival points each evening. 

Although you’ll probably want to stay off your phone and enjoy the trip, it is still recommended to have one with you, fully charged at all times.

Try and plan your days so you can reach your accommodation before it gets very late, so you don’t have to do trails in the dark, on your own.

Of course, look after yourself and your health: stay hydrated, protect yourself from the sun, etc. 

Tips for Doing Camino de Santiago

Navigating the trip

The Camino de Santiago routes are well-marked – look out for yellow arrows and scallop shell signs to guide you.

Of course, you should still have a map or a GPS device to help you in case you do get lost.

Familiarise yourself with the route prior to your adventure, so you can recognise the different areas and villages as you walk through.

Although a solo journey can be very fulfilling, you will also have a chance to meet fellow pilgrims from all walks of life.

Some are even doing Camino on a bike or as a family with children. Don’t hesitate to join others temporarily for a chat, as it can be a brilliant way to learn about other cultures and gain new perspectives.


Walking the Camino de Santiago alone provides a lot of space for spiritual and personal growth. So, as long as you are well-prepared, all you have to do is enjoy your time and make the most out of it!