Why You Should Travel Around Darwin In A Campervan

Are you considering travelling around Darwin in a campervan? Maybe your mind is torn, and you aren’t sure if using a campervan to get around Darwin is a good idea? No matter the reason that brought you here, we have the answers for you! 

Darwin in a campervan

We have teamed up with our friends at Travellers Autobarn in Darwin to show you why you should travel around Darwin in a campervan. Keep reading to see our top reasons and make your decision today. 

Benefits Of Travelling Around Darwin In A Campervan 

Using a campervan to travel around Darwin has several benefits, including flexibility and affordability.

We have outlined the benefits below to help you make your decision. 

It Can Be Affordable 

Travelling around Darwin in a campervan can be an affordable choice. Your mode of transport doubles as your accommodation, meaning you don’t need to fork out for hotel stays or apartments.

Instead, you can stay in the campervan, enjoying a comfortable night’s sleep for no additional cost. 

You can also cook all of your meals in your campervan, allowing you to save even more money.

There might be some extra costs, especially if you park the campervan in a campsite overnight, but this will still be cheaper than a hotel. 

Darwin in a campervan

It Is A Flexible Way To Travel 

Travelling with a campervan allows you plenty of flexibility. You can decide where you go, how long you stay, and where you go next.

You don’t have to worry about rushing to your next destination; you can take your time and explore for longer.

It allows you to go with the flow on your trip, staying in one place longer if you enjoy exploring rather than dashing off. 

The flexibility is ideal if you want a more relaxing trip where bookings and other deadlines don’t bind you. 

Darwin in a campervan

It Provides Scenic Drives 

Taking a campervan around Darwin allows you to enjoy the scenic views, making the journey as exciting as the destination.

You can enjoy breathtaking scenery wherever you travel in Darwin, so you can expect stunning views on whatever route you choose.

You wouldn’t get the views on winding roads through mountains any other way, allowing you to uncover new parts of Darwin that other travellers miss out on.

The scenic drives can also help to make the time pass quicker and allow you to see more sights without needing to take detours or expensive trips. 

It Allows You To Spend More Time Outdoors 

A campervan trip allows you to control how much time you spend outdoors.

You can spend as little time in your campervan as you like, making the most of Darwin’s fantastic sights and scenery.

The more time that you spend outside, the more of Darwin you can see! It also makes a campervan trip the perfect option for those who love being outdoors. 

Darwin in a campervan

Drawbacks Of Travelling Around Darwin In A Campervan 

There are a few drawbacks to travelling around Darwin in a camper, which should be considered before making your decision. We have outlined them below. 

Some Roads Can Be Impassible 

Depending on when you plan your road trip, you might need to take alternative routes, especially in the Northern Territory.

Many roads are impassable or closed during the wet season, so you must check the conditions before you begin your journey. 

The Northern Territory is also known for humid weather from November to March, which can impact your trip.

You won’t want to enjoy hikes in this weather, and you might find it uncomfortable to sleep at night. This does limit when you can take your trip, with June to August being the most popular time.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the weather in Darwin before planning your trip so you can find the perfect climate for your needs. 

Darwin in a campervan

It Requires A Lot Of Planning 

Travelling around Darwin, like any other campervan trip, requires a lot of planning compared to other trips.

You need to know every route you will take, where you can park your campervan overnight, and ensure you have enough gas to complete your journeys.

You must also consider access to electricity overnight, where you will pick up and drop off the campervan, and if it has enough storage for your items. 

For some people, this is too much to consider when they want to relax and enjoy their trip.

However, if planning does not put you off, it can be a fun way to build up excitement for your trip. 

Final Thoughts 

While a campervan trip around Darwin might be different from everyone’s idea of a good holiday, many benefits, including the low cost and flexibility, make it an excellent option. Why not try it today?