Things to Pack for Your Next Couple’s Holiday

Taking a holiday as a couple is a great opportunity to improve your bond, relax and create some new memorable moments together.

But to get to those perfect holiday moments there’s the stress of travel and packing to get through.

We can’t take the hassle out of travelling – especially not if you’re using public transport – but we can try to reduce any packing headaches.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide for what to pack for any couple holidays in the UK then you’re in the right place.


Obviously, you need to pack some clothes for your holiday! But picking which clothes to bring can take up a lot of time, leaving you standing over your suitcase in a state of frustration. (And it’s particularly bad if your partner isn’t the type to pack ahead of time!)

Make sure you check the projected weather for your getaway and plan your outfits accordingly.

This is where layered pieces are your best friend, as you can take them off if the temperature is warmer or put them on when it starts to fall.

Always pack spares, especially if you’re planning on doing some outdoor activities like biking or horse riding on your holiday.

And be ready for the British weather to be as changeable as we all expect – you don’t want to be caught out by only bringing outfits suitable for sunshine.

Another important consideration is what footwear you bring. Make sure you have at least one pair that’s comfortable and suitable for walking, even if you only plan to explore some towns.

Travel items

You don’t have to hop on an aeroplane to visit other parts of the UK, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider your travelling needs ahead of time.

Whether you’re planning to get there by car, boat or train it’s a good idea to bring along some things to make the journey smoother.

Neck pillows are a particularly good idea if you’re heading on a longer journey to your destination.

Don’t start off your holiday with a sore neck, but if your partner is the one driving then don’t go sleeping through the whole journey either!

Snacks for the road and plenty of water are essentials, and can help to transform the journey there into more of a fun road trip.

packing tips for women

Romantic extras

If you’re going away on a couple’s holiday then of course you need to bring the romance.

Any additional touches you can bring along – possibly without your partner noticing! – are ideal for setting the proper atmosphere once you arrive.

Candles are a popular choice because who can deny the dreamy vibes of candlelight?

Bringing along speakers is another good call, so that the two of you don’t have to rely on your tinny phone audio to enjoy a dance out under the stars.

Bringing along couples’ games could be a good or bad idea, depending on how competitive you each are.

But the main idea is to pack some things that can contribute to making those special holiday memories.

Sneaking along a romantic gift might be a little harder but the payoff is definitely worth it when you surprise them with it.


Many of us are guilty of just using our phones as cameras these days – they still take pretty good pictures, after all! But there’s something more romantic about using a proper camera for your holiday snaps.

Whether it’s digital, a polaroid or a disposable one taking along a camera could encourage the two of you to take more interesting photos.

traveling with an expensive camera

Plus, it means you can both put your phones away to focus more on the moment, without losing the chance to capture some memories for later.

Of course, there’s still a lot of other things that you’ll need to pack for your holiday like toiletries, chargers and sunscreen. But hopefully we’ve given you some good ideas of what to include in your suitcase ahead of your couple’s getaway.