Pre-Holiday Beauty Schedule

If you’re planning a summer holiday, then you might want to look your best by the time you stroll out onto the beach for the first time.

Getting prepared for the season, beauty-wise, is a matter of putting together a schedule and sticking to it. But exactly what should that schedule look like? Let’s take a look.


If your skin has been covered up for most of winter, then it might not look its best.

Dead skin cells might have accumulated, leaving pores blocked up and nasty.

You can deal with this by exfoliating, which, if done properly, will leave skin looking smoother, fresher, and healthier. If you’re going to apply moisturisers and fake tan, it’s generally best to exfoliate first.

Of course, you might also expose your skin to sunlight before the trip itself – provided that the British weather allows for it!

Time to de-fuzz?

Many women prefer smoother legs while they’re on holiday, since when it’s warmer, legs are likelier to be exposed.

Ideally, you’ll want to shave or wax as close to the time of departure as possible. That way, you’re less likely to need to do it again while you’re out there. 

Getting the right result often depends on the quality of the products you’re using. If you can use salon-quality products at home, you stand a much better chance of unveiling smooth, scratch-free legs when you finally get there.

On the other hand, you might book an actual salon wax treatment, so that you won’t need to worry about packing a razor.

Get a haircut

Getting a haircut pre-holiday is just about essential. If you’re colouring your hair, then plan the treatment several weeks in advance of the trip.

Consider going a touch darker – the sunlight is going to naturally brighten up your hair, so you can think of this as a chance to compensate for that effect. It’s a great time to moisturise, too.

Ideally, you should schedule your haircut just before travelling. That way, the ends won’t be quite as vulnerable to sunlight-inflicted damage. The colour, on the other hand, should be applied a few weeks before you’re due to depart.

Get a manicure and pedicure

Caring for your nails just before you go is also essential, particularly if you’re going to be wearing flip-flops. Brightly-coloured nails will tend to complement a tan, but you don’t have to paint them yourself – just use a gel instead.

}These will dry much more quickly, allowing you to get on with the business of packing for your trip.