What is the Best Time to Visit Xcaret? Here’s What to Know to Not Have Your Vacation Ruined

Knowing the best time to visit Xcaret is key to having a perfect vacation, so I put together the ultimate guide with everything you need to know to time your visit right.

Xcaret is one of the most popular eco-theme parks in Mexico, located just south of Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya.

best time to visit xcaret

With its beautiful natural attractions like underground rivers, beaches, and wildlife, it’s a top destination for travelers looking to experience the natural beauty and culture of the Yucatan Peninsula.

However, the weather and crowds can vary significantly depending on when you visit.

In this post, we’ll explore the best time to visit Xcaret to enjoy the attractions without massive crowds while also having ideal weather conditions.

Best Time to Visit Xcaret (General Info on Seasons)

Weather Considerations

When planning your visit to Xcaret, it’s essential to consider the weather.

The region experiences a tropical climate, with warm temperatures and high humidity throughout the year.

best time to visit xcaret

The year is divided into two main seasons:

Dry season (November to April): This is the most pleasant time of year to visit Xcaret, with temperatures generally ranging from 75°F to 85°F (24°C to 29°C) and lower humidity.

There is a reduced likelihood of rain during these months.

Wet season (May to October): This is the hotter and more humid season with temperatures ranging from 80°F to 90°F (27°C to 32°C).

Rain is more frequent and heavy during this period, especially from June to September.

best time to visit xcaret

Peak vs Off-Peak Seasons

Another key factor to consider when choosing the best time to visit Xcaret is the tourist season.

The park sees a higher volume of visitors during certain times of the year, impacting how crowded it can be:

Peak season: December to April is generally considered the peak tourist season when most people visit Xcaret.

Large crowds, higher prices, and limited availability of accommodations are common during this period, especially around holidays like Christmas and Easter.

best time to visit xcaret

Off-peak season: Visiting Xcaret during the off-peak season (May to November) can have its benefits.

Though the weather is more humid and rainy, you’ll find fewer crowds, lower prices, and better availability of accommodations.

This time is the best time to visit Xcaret if you’re looking to save money or enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere at the park.

In summary, the best time to visit Xcaret largely depends on your weather preferences and your tolerance for crowds.

The dry, peak season offers better weather but comes with bigger crowds, while the wet, off-peak season provides a more budget-friendly and relaxed experience with a trade-off for increased rain and humidity.

best time to visit xcaret

Best Time to Visit Xcaret: Monthly Breakdown

January to March

During these months, Xcaret experiences mild weather with average temperatures of around 75°F (24°C).

This is a great time to enjoy the park’s outdoor attractions, but keep in mind it can get a bit crowded due to the winter holiday travelers.

  • Pros: Nice weather, festive atmosphere
  • Cons: Crowded, higher prices

April to June

As spring starts to roll in, the temperatures in Xcaret begin to rise, averaging around 82°F (28°C).

This period is particularly remarkable for its fewer crowds and moderate pricing, so it’s considered the best time to visit Xcaret for budget travelers who don’t mind a bit of rain.

  • Pros: Warm weather, less crowded
  • Cons: Occasional rain showers, start of the hotter season
best time to visit xcaret

July to September

Summer months bring intense heat and humidity to Xcaret, with temperatures averaging 86°F (30°C).

This can make it challenging to fully enjoy outdoor activities. To beat the heat, plan on going earlier in the day or later in the afternoon.

On the plus side, you can snag some deals on accommodations and park entrance fees.

  • Pros: Deals and discounts, fewer crowds
  • Cons: Very hot and humid, occasional storms

October to December

With temperatures cooling down again, hovering around 77°F (25°C), Xcaret becomes a pleasant place to visit in the fall.

However, it’s crucial to note that this period also coincides with the hurricane season in the region, which usually runs from June to November.

  • Pros: Pleasant temperatures, fewer crowds
  • Cons: Chance of hurricanes or tropical storms, occasional rainfall
best time to visit xcaret

Best Time to Visit Xcaret for Special Events and Festivals

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular is a show you don’t want to miss when visiting Xcaret.

This event takes place year-round, every evening starting around 6 PM.

The best time to visit Xcaret to see it would be in the cooler months like December through February when evenings are a bit more cool and comfortable.

You can enjoy this fantastic showcase of Mexican culture, history, and traditions, featuring over 300 artists on stage.

Festival of Life and Death Traditions

If you’re looking to dive into Mexican culture, you should plan your visit around the Festival of Life and Death Traditions.

This celebration occurs from October 30th to November 2nd annually, coinciding with Mexcio’s famous Day of the Dead.

The festival features a variety of activities, including:

  • Traditional workshops
  • Day of the Dead symbols
  • Regional cuisine tastings
  • Altar exhibitions
  • Theatrical performances
  • Live music and dancing

Visiting Xcaret during this time allows you to fully immerse yourself in the rich and colorful Mexican traditions.

It’s definitely the best time to visit Xcaret if you want to experience Day of the Dead in a really unique way

Tip: You can also check out Day of the Dead in Mexico City).

best time to visit xcaret

Xcaret’s Eco-Park Celebration

If you’re an Earth-conscious traveler, the best time to visit Xcaret is doring the park’s Eco-Park Celebration.

This annual event typically takes place in June, aligning with World Environment Day.

The celebration highlights the importance of sustainability, environmental education, and conservation efforts.

During this time, you can participate in activities such as:

  • Eco-tours
  • Waste management workshops
  • Tree planting
  • Educational seminars

TL,DR: What is the Best Time to Visit Xcaret?

When considering the best time to visit Xcaret, you’ll want to take into account factors such as the weather, crowds, and events.

Generally, the optimal time to visit is during the low season, which runs from April to June and September to November.

During these months, you’ll experience pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and lower prices.

On the other hand, the high season for Xcaret is from December to March, where you may face more crowds, higher prices, and a busier atmosphere due to school vacations and holidays.

If you come during this time, be prepared to spend extra time waiting in lines for attractions and booking accommodations in advance.

Another important aspect to consider is the weather.

Xcaret experiences a tropical climate, meaning it’s warm year-round.

However, the region’s rainy season typically falls between June to October, which may cause some outdoor activities and attractions to be affected by occasional downpours.

As for events, Xcaret offers various exciting events and cultural experiences throughout the year.

Some popular events include the Sac Ha Festival in May, the Day of the Dead celebrations in October, and the Life and Death Festival held on November 1st and 2nd.

To sum up, for a more relaxed and budget-friendly experience, pick the low season months of April to June or September to November as the best time to visit Xcaret.

Just keep in mind the possibility of rain during the rainy season and plan accordingly.

best time to visit xcaret

Planning Your Visit to Xcaret

Now that you’ve chosen the best time to visit Xcaret for you, here’s a little bit more info about the park!

Hours of Operation

Xcaret is open 365 days a year, giving you plenty of flexibility in planning your trip.

The park’s hours of operation are from 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM, which means you can enjoy a full day exploring the various activities, shows, and attractions that Xcaret has to offer.

Ticket Prices

There are various ticket options available to suit your needs and preferences.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the main ticket types:

  • Xcaret Basic Admission: This ticket grants you access to more than 50 attractions throughout the park. Book your ticket here.
  • Xcaret Plus Admission: In addition to the Basic Admission offerings, this ticket includes extra perks like a buffet lunch, snorkel gear rental, and private locker rooms, to name a few!
    You can book your ticket here (it includes private transfer to and from Cancun, so it will save you lots of headaches).
best time to visit xcaret


  • Arrive Early: To make the most of your day at Xcaret, plan to arrive early, especially during peak seasons. This gives you ample time to explore the park at a leisurely pace.
  • Wear Comfortable Clothes: Xcaret features a mix of water and land-based activities, so it’s best to dress accordingly. Light, quick-drying clothing, swimsuits, and water shoes are recommended.
  • Bring Sun Protection: The sun can be intense, so don’t forget to bring sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses for your protection.
  • Stay Hydrated: It’s essential to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Many water stations are available throughout the park, so you can easily refill your reusable water bottles.
best time to visit xcaret

How to Get to Xcaret

Rent a Car

Many people rent a car so they can move around. You can do so at Cancun or Tulum international airports.

Public Transport

Infrequent public buses do run between Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras where you can get another bus or taxi to Xcaret. More time-consuming than other options.

Book a Transfer

This is the option I personally recommend in order to save time and stress!

What I recommend is booking an all-inclusive tour that includes your entry ticket as well as round-trip transportation. This is the one I personally recommend.

best time to visit xcaret

Best Things to Do in Xcaret

Swimming in Underground Rivers

One of the must-do activities in Xcaret is taking a dip in the beautiful underground rivers.

These natural wonders, surrounded by lush foliage and limestone cliffs, offer a refreshing break from the heat.

Don’t forget your snorkel gear to explore the underwater caves and admire the colorful fish.

It’s not every day that you get to swim through an ancient, eco-friendly oasis!

Cultural Shows and Exhibitions

Immerse yourself in Mexico’s rich cultural heritage with the various shows and exhibitions at Xcaret.

Be sure to catch the famous Xcaret México Espectacular performance, showcasing traditional dances and music from across the country.

Don’t miss the Papantla Flyers, an ancient ritual where dancers twirl gracefully from a tall pole.

Between shows, explore the Mayan Village for an insight into indigenous culture.

Wildlife Encounters

For animal lovers, Xcaret offers unforgettable encounters with a diverse range of wildlife.

best time to visit xcaret

During your visit, you can interact with playful dolphins, sea turtles, and stingrays at various spots throughout the park.

The butterfly pavilion, home to dozens of colorful winged residents, creates a beautiful kaleidoscope effect as they flutter around you.

Stroll through the fascinating manatee lagoon and admire these gentle giants in their natural habitat.

FAQs About the Best Time to Visit Xcaret

What is the best time to visit Xcaret to avoid crowds?

The best time to visit Xcaret to avoid crowds is during September and October. This is when schools are in session, and it’s also the rainy season.

You can enjoy fewer crowds and still have plenty of fun, just pack a rain poncho and expect occasional showers.

What are the peak seasons to avoid at Xcaret?

The peak seasons to avoid at Xcaret are the holiday months of December and January, as well as spring break (usually in March).

If you want to avoid larger crowds, try to visit during weekday mornings or later in the evening when it’s less busy.

How far in advance should I purchase tickets to Xcaret for the best deal?

To get the best deal on Xcaret tickets, it’s recommended to purchase them at least a month in advance.

This gives you time to look for discounts and promotions and ensures that you have the best availability for activities and shows.

best time to visit xcaret

Are there any benefits to staying at the Hotel Xcaret for park access?

Yes, staying at the Hotel Xcaret comes with several benefits for park access.

Guests enjoy unlimited access to all the Xcaret parks and tours, as well as free transportation between the hotel and the parks.

You’ll also have the convenience of an on-site concierge for park activity recommendations and reservations.

Can you experience all of Xcaret in one day, or should you plan for more?

While it’s technically possible to rush through Xcaret’s attractions in one day, you’ll enjoy your visit more if you plan for two or more days.

This will give you enough time to experience the different activities, relax on the beach, and take in the cultural shows without feeling rushed.

Are package deals for Xcaret worth considering for a budget-friendly trip?

Package deals can be worth considering if you plan on visiting multiple Xcaret parks or participating in several tours.

Many packages offer discounted prices for combined experiences, and you can often find promotions that include accommodations and meals, which can save you money overall during your trip.

Best Time to Visit Xcaret: Conclusion

Xcaret is one of the top attractions on the Riviera Maya for its beautiful natural settings and cultural experiences.

The underground rivers, beaches, wildlife, and live shows immerse visitors in the heritage of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Whether you come during high or low season, Xcaret offers a memorable glimpse into the area’s environment and traditions.