11 Things To Do In Wisconsin Dells For Adults

Are you travelling to Wisconsin Dells with your friends or family and wondering if there are any things to do for adults? There sure is!

This Midwest gem pleasantly surprised us, offering more than just kid-friendly activities.

Things To Do In Wisconsin Dells For Adults

Packed with outdoor sports, wineries, and entertainment, it caters well to adults.

In this guide, we’ll share the top 11 adult-focused things to do in Wisconsin Dells. 

1. Tour on the Wisconsin River with the Dells Boat Tours

When visiting Wisconsin Dells, the Dells Boat Tours are an absolute must-do. Offering a range of experiences, these tours provide a fun way to explore the beauty and history of the Wisconsin River.

Things To Do In Wisconsin Dells For Adults

Upper Dells Tours take you above the dam, showcasing breathtaking glacially carved channels, pine-crowned cliffs, and iconic formations like the Narrows and Stand Rock. There are 2 stops: Witches Gulch and Stand Rock. We booked this tour and Witches Gulch was our favorite – it felt like a whole another world!

Lower Dells Tours travels below the dam, where you’ll see towering cliffs and famous rock formations, including Hawk’s Bill and Rocky Islands, along with interesting stories of the region’s past.

Things To Do In Wisconsin Dells For Adults

The Sunset Dinner Cruise combines stunning scenery with delicious food, live music, and a torchlit hike through Witches Gulch, making it a romantic evening.

For those seeking a thrill, Jet Boat Adventures offer a high-speed journey through both Upper and Lower Dells. Expect heart-pumping maneuvers like spin-outs and power stops.

Or if you’re into spine-tingling activities, book the Ghost Boat that takes you into the eerie canyons of the Wisconsin River at night, with a mix of legend, mystery, and suspense.

Operating from April through October, these tours run 7 days a week. No reservations are required, but booking online in advance is recommended. 

Pro-Tip: Bring a warm jacket for cooler months and a hat for summer days, especially if you want to enjoy the view from the upper deck, which fills up quickly. 

2. Be Amazed at the Rick Wilcox Magic Theater

At the Rick Wilcox Magic Theater, you’re in for a night full of wonder and laughter. Since 1999, Rick and Suzan Wilcox have been wowing crowds in their cozy 550-seat theater. 

Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park 

Their show is a cool mix of magic tricks and funny moments, with awesome illusions that will leave you amazed. Rick and Suzan are not only talented at magic, but they’re also really friendly and funny on stage.

Every year, they add new and exciting tricks to keep the show fresh and fun. It’s like seeing a brand-new show each time! Plus, they often ask people from the audience to come up and be part of the magic.

The best part? After the show, you get to meet Rick and Suzan! They hang out by a fireplace near the entrance and their magic shop, where you can get autographs and take pictures with them. They even stick around to answer any questions you might have.

3. Sing at Karaoke Thursday at Showboat Saloon 

If you’re up for a fun night in Wisconsin Dells, make sure to hit up Karaoke Thursday at Showboat Saloon.

Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park 

This cool, retro-themed tavern is more than just a bar; it’s a place full of energy and great vibes. They’ve got tasty pub food, live music, and a super friendly atmosphere that makes you feel welcome.

The Showboat Saloon is all about giving you a great time. They’ve got weekly specials, and they bring in some of the best musicians around so you can enjoy live entertainment. And if you love a good deal, their Happy Hour is fantastic – half-price taps from Monday to Friday until 6 pm, and all day Sunday.

Speaking of drinks, they’ve got an impressive selection with 24 taps to choose from. And when you get hungry, Tug’s Kitchen serves up local favorites that you’ve got to try. Plus, there’s their sister bar, Mama’s Garage, which is perfect for enjoying summer nights with its outdoor patio and live music stage.

The Showboat Saloon opens at 3 pm on weekdays and at 11 am on weekends, so you can start your fun early. Guests love the reasonable drink prices and the great service. 

4. Explore Downtown Wisconsin Dells

Downtown Wisconsin Dells is lit, literally! The lights from cafes and neon signs mix with the moon and stars, making everything feel special. You can listen to music, eat outside, and shop in stores that stay open really late.

Things To Do In Wisconsin Dells For Adults

One cool spot is Elm Street Plaza. It’s new and has lots of fun stuff like music shows, markets, and big celebrations. There’s even a giant fountain and a huge wall painting all about Wisconsin Dells. 

Then there’s the Dells Scenic River Walk. It’s a path by the river where you can see scenic views of the river and cliffs. You can walk, bike, or run here, and there are tables and benches to chill on.

Make sure to check out the “Soul of the River” art gallery outside. The photos are by a local photographer showing the history of Wisconsin Dells and the river.

If you want some fun, go to The Chalet Lanes. They have a bowling night with lights and music, plus games and comfort food like pizza and sandwiches.

5. Enjoy Circus Performances at the Circus World

Circus World is filled with exciting circus shows and circus-themed activities. All summer long, they have circus performances with acrobats, animals, and clowns in big-top tents. There’s even a sideshow and special concerts!

You can see the world’s biggest collection of circus wagons and try activities like elephant and pony rides, carousel rides, and face painting.

If you’re thinking that this is a kids activity, think again! Circus World is a highly recommended attraction and you might have more fun that you think, especially as an adult. 

The circus show is about an hour long and the performers are entertaining. Plus, you can learn a lot about circus history.

There’s a shop with unique circus things and a place to eat sandwiches, pizza, and classic snacks like cotton candy and popcorn.

Circus World is not just about shows; it’s also where the famous Ringling Circus used to stay in the winter. It’s a mix of fun, learning, and great performances, making it a perfect place for a day out.

6. Check out a Winery or a Wine Bar

Visiting a winery or wine bar in Wisconsin Dells can be fun depending on the one you pick. We recommend Fawn Creek Winery and Kilbourn Cork.

Fawn Creek Winery is a family-owned spot with 3 buildings filled with wine, decks, and tasting bars. It’s tucked away in the forests of Dell Prairie, making it a peaceful place to relax. 

But on weekends, it turns into a music venue and the venue has won awards for its live music! You can explore their vineyard, play disc golf or yard games, and try their wines, which are made right there from California grapes.

Located downtown, Kilbourn Cork has a hip, cozy atmosphere with exposed brick walls. They offer a bunch of fine wines, plus special bourbon, whiskey, craft beers, and cigars. Their wine dispensing system lets you try new wines. Plus, they have great craft cocktails and super friendly service.

Both places are perfect for hanging out and trying something new, whether you’re a wine expert or just want to enjoy a nice drink.

7. See an Upside Down White House at the Top Secret Attraction

Top Secret is a unique attraction with an upside-down replica of the White House, and a tour inside that takes you through tunnels and passageways with quirky exhibits.

Things To Do In Wisconsin Dells For Adults

As you walk through, you’ll see rooms of the White House, but everything is upside down, which is really neat. 

Outside, there are giant Transformer statues – great to photos or fans of the Transformer movies. While it isn’t the best rated attraction, we enjoyed this quick activity as a family. It was a nice break from the more high-energy things that we did in Wisconsin Dells. Plus the attraction was just $5 per person and we liked doing something different. 

8.  Enjoy the night with these Entertainment Options

Wisconsin Dells is full of exciting entertainment options, and here are a few places you shouldn’t miss:

The District: It’s the newest hot spot in Downtown Wisconsin Dells. With riverside views and a lively atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to chill. They serve up tasty bites with live music and great cocktails. Their kitchen makes everything from scratch, so you know you’re getting fresh, delicious food every time.

Ho-Chunk Wisconsin Dells: This place isn’t just a casino. Sure, you can play slots, table games, and bingo, but there’s so much more. They have elegant rooms to stay in, live entertainment, fitness and aquatic centers, and even a big convention space. It’s a full-on experience!

Wisconsin Opry: If you love music and good food, this is the place for you. Located on the Dickinson Family Farm, it offers fun hayrides, a petting zoo, and a country music show by the Dickinson Family. Plus, you get to enjoy a home-cooked meal in their historic barn.

9. Fly Across the World at This Attraction

If you’re looking to do something indoors because it’s either too hot or too cold outside, then try the “Take Flight at the Wilderness” attraction.

Things To Do In Wisconsin Dells For Adults

It has 60 motion seats set up in 3 levels, giving you the feeling of flying as your seat moves forward and your feet hang in the air. You’ll be in front of a huge 65-foot-wide and 48-foot-tall screen, which makes it super exciting.

The ride is really immersive with wind and water effects. It’s almost like you’re really flying! Each show is only 7 minutes long, so it’s a quick but thrilling experience. If you’re staying at the Wilderness Resort, the tickets are cheaper, but it’s worth it even if you’re not a guest.

It’s similar to Disney’s Soarin’ at Epcot, but not scary at all, even for those afraid of heights. 

We bought tickets for the World Flight experience and enjoyed it so much that they came back the next day to try the National Parks experience. 

10. Go Back In Time at the H.H. Bennett Studio & Museum

The H.H. Bennett Studio & Museum offers a break from the usual waterpark scene. This landmark photography studio is not just a museum; it’s a journey into the past.

Here, you’ll explore engaging history exhibits, see stunning photographs, and experience recreated workspaces from a bygone era.

The knowledgeable staff can guide you through the fascinating life of H.H. Bennett, a Civil War soldier and inventor who played a pivotal role in making the Dells famous. The highlight for many is the unique opportunity to have a family portrait taken in the style of a tintype photograph, right onto metal, offering a memorable souvenir.

Even if photography isn’t your main interest, the studio provides insights into the early days of tourism in Wisconsin Dells. Preserved in its original condition, the studio includes Bennett’s office, darkroom, and more. It’s a hidden gem that offers a refreshing and educational experience, perfect for adults looking to delve into the rich history of the area.

11. Ride the Hades 360 Rollercoaster at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park 

While the Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park is known for its kids-friendly waterpark, its wooden rollercoasters are something else. Being made out of wooden, the rollercoasters have a lot of sharp jerks making it more thrilling for adults.

But the best ride is the Hades 360 Rollercoaster! We waited for 40 minutes for this ride and it was worth the wait with our anticipation increasing every minute. 

Hades 360 is the world’s first wooden roller coaster with a 360-degree loop. Imagine racing at 70 mph, diving 140 feet down, and then zooming through the world’s longest underground tunnel. It’s like a scary but an unforgettable experience, right in Wisconsin. 

Final Thoughts

Wisconsin Dells is more than just kid-friendly waterparks – it’s got tons of things to do for adults! Book boat tours, watch magic shows at the Rick Wilcox Theater, or ride the scary Hades 360 rollercoaster at Mt. Olympus. If you like quirky attractions, check out Top Secret, or if you’re into wine, Fawn Creek Winery is great. There’s also the H.H. Bennett Studio & Museum if you want to learn some history. Wisconsin Dells has a mix of fun rides, neat history, and scenic attractions. So regardless of your age, you’ll have a great time at Wisconsin Dells!


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