Ultimate Gift Guide for Outdoorsy People

With the holiday season creeping in, the stress of picking up a gift for all of your friends does rise up. Because you want a unique gift for everyone, right? Trust me, I get the struggle, that’s why I’ve crafted this gift guide for outdoorsy people. Ya know, one of the HARDEST people to shop for, especially if you’re not too knowledgeable about outdoor gear.

I mean, outdoor activities are a serious matter, and having good gear is essential for pretty much everything. If you’re thinking of buying your friend a backpack to pack their gear, in you want to make sure you get them a durable one that won’t break in-between a hike, right?

That being said, I put together the ultimate gift guide for outdoors-y people. These are presents that not only will they love, they’re actually useful (because seriously, there’s so much crap out there that looks great on paper, but we won’t even wind up using it and it will probably only add unnecessary weight to carry, and that’s no bueno.


Backpack Cooler

Is your friend tired of eating instant food while camping? Or looking for water at every stop while cycling their way through Barbados? Say no more. Because TOURIT has released this amazing backpack cooler that they can carry everywhere they go.

This one comes with the compartments to carry food and water that can be remained chilled for 16 hours. Plus, there’s and added portable kitchen with utensils AND a beer opener inside. You can get it on Amazon.


An inflatable airbed

You can’t go wrong with sleeping gear as a gift, especially if your friends have just started camping and looking for accessories to complete their camping gear.

Believe me, no one will enjoy the camping experience if they don’t sleep there peacefully. OlarHike did understand that need and came up with this automatic inflatable airbed that elevates your sleeping head 18 inches from the ground. Thus, reduces the probability of crawling insects and protecting your friend from harsh environments. You can get it on Amazon.

This gift is best if your friend is into short trips into nature, but not ideal if they’re going on a longer-term trip, as it can take up quite a bit of space in their backpack.


Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are always welcome, even if they already have a few of them! Every boot is designed differently, and there’s no one-size fit all, so a new pair is always a great addition to their collection.

This pair of leather boots will look perfect with your jeans and tee and will keep their feet dry while hiking on muddy trails. You can get them on Amazon.


Mountain Jacket

Clothing is always a convenient choice when it comes to picking up a gift, so with the little bit addition of adventure color, we can mold it into our list too. This mountain jacket by Wantdo is just perfect for outdoorsy people as it is water as well as windproof.

Its fuzzy lining and multiple zippered pockets make it perfect for snowboarding and skiing, which makes it perfect if your outdoorsy friend is into winter sports too!



Female Urination Device

Ladies, no matter how much we cringe at the thought of having to use a public toilet but the reality is that we have to deal with them pretty constantly. And the problem gets even worse when we go hiking, road trips or biking, where we have to squat behind a bush while exposing our assets.

But good news! We don’t have to deal with it anymore with this amazing device, we can pee while standing up just like the men (but with our own grace).

This gift this to your gal pals to make their life easier too. Lol, just make sure you’re close with whatever friend you gift this to, otherwise, it might be awkward. You can get it on Amazon.



Camping Kettle

We all long for coffee while enjoying the cold night at camp (I’d even categorize it as a necessity). With this camping kettle that is specifically designed for that purpose, you can get your coffee done in no time. Furthermore, it won’t be a burden on your friend’s packing space since it comes with a carrying bag that can be hooked up to their backpack.


Bluetooth Earbuds

What’s better than humming your favorite tunes while climbing up the trek in rain or working out in the gym? These Bluetooth earbuds are perfect for that and they’re wireless, which makes them perfect for outdoor adventures. Its extended run time of 3.5 hours and wireless charging make it worth every penny. You can get them on Amazon.


I hope that these list products do ease up your selection for picking up a gift for your adventure-loving friends!



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