Christmas in Mexico City 2024 (A Local’s Guide to the Best Events, Christmas Culture, and More)

Christmas in Mexico City is a vibrant and enchanting celebration that blends traditional customs with modern festivities.

As a local, it’s definitely one of my favorite times of the year besides Day of the Dead because Mexico City bursts to life with gorgeous decorations, festive spirit, and a plethora of fun activities.

christmas in mexico city

While Christmas in Mexico City can be vastly different from, say, Christmas in Cabo, you’re pretty much guaranteed to fall in love with the city at this time of the year.

From colorful decorations adorning the streets to lively holiday markets offering an array of seasonal treats, the city comes alive with the spirit of Christmas.

In this blog post, you’ll get to know everything you need to know about celebrating Christmas in Mexico City, including unique traditions, delicious cuisine, and all the events you’ve got to check out!

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The Vibrance of Christmas in Mexico City

Christmas in Mexico City isn’t just a holiday; it’s a colorful, bustling experience that surrounds you with the warmth of tradition and celebration.

Your senses will be delighted by the sights and sounds of the holiday markets, known as bazares navideños, Christmas lights all over, and delicious food on every corner.

christmas in mexico city

Traditional Festivities and Events

In Mexico City, your Christmas season is saturated with rich traditions and vibrant events. Here’s your guide to the unique experiences you can expect.


From December 16th through the 24th, you participate in Las Posadas, a reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter.

You’ll find processions moving through the streets, with people holding candles and singing villancicos (Christmas carols).

With that said, a lot of people in Mexico City aren’t religious, but they still call their Christmas parties “posadas”. It’s pretty much an excuse to drink and eat December away!

Even though some families and neighborhoods still follow the traditional script for the posadas, many people use this 9-day period to host less traditional Christmas-themed parties and dinners they call “posadas”, with lots of merry hugging, gift-giving, eating, and drinking.

Fun fact: There’s a joke in Mexico City where we say “It’s Guadalupe-Reyes”! This “season” runs from December 12 (Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe) till King’s Day (Día de Reyes) on January 6th. It’s considered “socially acceptable” to drink day and night, because, well… It’s Guadalupe-Reyes!


Pastorelas are theater-like plays reenacting the shepherds’ journey to see the Christ Child.

These performances are produced throughout the Christmas season, sometimes with a comic twist at the antics between angels and devils vying for the shepherds’ souls.

Notable for their humorous and satirical undertones, Pastorelas remain a favorite Christmas activity in Mexico City.

christmas in mexico city

Noche Buena

Nochebuena, or Christmas Eve is the main event in the Mexican holiday season.

It’s a family-focused celebration where you savor a late-night feast. The table might be laden with roast turkey, bacalao (dried salted cod), and romeritos (a dish made of edible herbs with shrimp cakes and potatoes simmered in mole).

Religious families interrupt the feast to attend  midnight Mass, known as Misa de Gallo, and then return to continue the party, while the younger crowd usually goes out to party with their friends after dinner.

Christmas Day Celebrations

December 25th is Christmas Day.

Contrary to how it’s done in the US, Europe, and other parts of the world, here is a relaxed day.

Nochebuena dinner lasts until way after midnight, so Christmas Day is for unwinding at home or gathering to eat the recalentado (leftovers) from the previous night’s feast.

King’s Day

Even though some Mexican children eagerly await Santa Claus to bring them toys, especially in the upper classes and the northern states that border with the US, the Three Kings predominate with most families.

King’s Day or Día de Reyes on January 6th marks the end of the Christmas season.

Kids happily open the gifts left by the “Three Kings”, reminiscent of the Three Wise Men’s journey to take gifts to baby Jesus, then enjoy Rosca de Reyes, a sweet bread ring with hidden figurines inside.

Culinary Journey Through Christmas in Mexico City

In Mexico City, you’ll find a variety of traditional dishes and sweet delights.

A unique combination of Christmas flavors with indigenous, Spanish, and US origins makes the culinary offer quite unique.

Christmas Eve Dishes

During Nochebuena, you’ll find tables bursting with tamales, a staple made of masa steamed in a corn husk and stuffed with all sorts of fillings, from chicken to beef, peppered with rich sauces.

It’s impossible to miss out on the Romeritos or Bacalao a la Vizcaína, a salt cod dish simmered with tomatoes, olives, and capers, bringing the flavors of Spain to Mexican shores.

Holiday Sweets and Treats

Sink your teeth into buñuelos, crispy fried dough, often drizzled with honey or dusted with sugar and cinnamon, paired with warm canela (cinnamon) tea.

Revel in the rich, chocolatey goodness of champurrado, a thick chocolate-based drink that’s essentially a hug in a mug, often sipped alongside sweet breads or tamales.

  • Buñuelos: Crispy fried dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon
  • Champurrado: A warm, thick, chocolate-based drink
  • Rosca de Reyes: An oval-shaped bread eaten on Epiphany, adorned with candied fruits

Decorations and Symbols You’ll See During Christmas in Mexico City

A Christmas is Mexico City experience is made vibrant with traditional decorations that tell a story and create a festive atmosphere.

From Nativity scenes to Poinsettias, each symbol carries a significant meaning.

Nativity Scenes

Nativity scenes, or nacimientos, are a centerpiece in Mexican Christmas decor.

You’ll find these intricate representations of the birth of Jesus in homes, churches, and public spaces.

Often, they are elaborate setups with not just the Holy Family, but an entire village, including angels, shepherds, animals, and even some lakes and rivers.


The poinsettia, Nochebuena in Spanish, is an iconic Christmas flower that originated in Mexico.

Your holiday decorations wouldn’t be complete without this vibrant red and green plant.

It’s more than just a pretty flower; it symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem and is a vital part of the Christmas landscape.

Natural poinsettias adorn many homes, businesses, and iconic Paseo de la Reforma Avenue boasts a display of hundreds of them during the holiday season so make sure you include walking along Reforma on your Christmas in Mexico City itinerary.

christmas in mexico city


Luminarias, also known as farolitos, are beautiful light displays that illuminate pathways, homes, and plazas.

These small paper lanterns, often a DIY project, are not just for looks; they serve as guideposts, leading the way to Christmas gatherings.

You’ll see the warm glow of candlelight flickering within these lanterns, creating a serene ambiance on crisp evenings.

christmas in mexico city

Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

December 12th marks the official start of the Christmas season in what is commonly known as the Guadalupe-Reyes marathon, ending on Three Kings Day January 7th.

Religious people observe El Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe. This day commemorates the appearance of the Virgin Mary to Saint Juan Diego.

Expect a blend of indigenous and Catholic traditions, with churches decked in flowers and pilgrims arriving from all corners of the country.

Masses are held throughout the day, special sermons are given, and the air is filled with both spirituality and festivity.

Family Traditions and Customs During Christmas in Mexico City

In Mexico City, Christmas is a time when family traditions and customs shine, with each activity filled with joy, merriment, and a unique local flavor that embodies the spirit of the community and the season.

Gift Giving

You’ll notice that in Mexico City, gift-giving often revolves around the Noche Buena (Christmas Eve).

In the warm embrace of your family home, gifts are usually exchanged at midnight, following a late-night feast.


Piñatas are a staple at Mexican posadas, the parties leading up to Christmas Eve, and they are a hit—literally—with both children and adults. Your traditional piñata will be:

  • Star-shaped, with seven points representing the seven deadly sins
  • Colorfully decorated with fringed paper and bright designs
  • Filled with fruits like guavas and oranges, candies, and nuts in traditional posadas, but you might also find small gifts and other less traditional goodies.
christmas in mexico city

Weather during Christmas in Mexico City

Christmas in Mexico City embraces a mild, often pleasant climate.

You can expect daytime temperatures to hover around 20°C (68°F), giving you a comfortable environment to explore the festive decorations and markets.

Weather FactorDescription
Daytime Highs~20°C (68°F)
Nighttime Lows5-10°C (41-50°F)
RainfallMinimal; dry season
SunshineModerate; occasional overcast

Nights, however, call for a light jacket as lows can dip to 5-10°C (41-50°F).

The season is often dry—rain is minimal, so your plans are unlikely to be disrupted by a downpour.

The city does experience less daylight during this period, with the sun setting earlier, but you’ll find plenty of night-time illuminations to make up for it.

You won’t need an umbrella very often since it’s the dry season.

However, always check the local forecast before making any outdoor plans—Mexico City’s weather can sometimes surprise you.

Warm sunshine during the day means you can enjoy outdoor festivities comfortably, but once the sun dips, the chill sets in, so carry a sweater if you’re out exploring the Christmas lights or markets at night.

If you want to see snow, you may find it in nearby mountains like Popocatepetl, Iztaccíhuatl, and the Nevado de Toluca. Sometimes, light snow is seen in the southern part of Mexico City like Ajusco.

christmas in mexico city
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Christmas Food in Mexico City

You can’t speak of Christmas in Mexico City without savoring the traditional holiday dishes that adorn the dinner tables.

Each dish is a treat to your taste buds, rich with history and flavor.

While many families in Mexico City have added turkey, gravy, and other dishes from the US traditional Christmas feast, dishes with Spanish and indigenous roots are also served, resulting in a unique and delicious mix you won’t find anywhere else.

Each dish is a treat to your taste buds, rich with history and flavor. Here are some of the most popular Christmas dishes in Mexico City:

Bacalao a la Vizcaina

Bacalao a la Vizcaina is your go-to fish dish during the festive season.

It blends salted cod with tomatoes, olives, güero peppers, and capers in a way that’ll keep you coming back for more.

christmas in mexico city


Tamales are served in many celebrations, and Christmas is no exception.

The are made of corn dough filled with chicken or pork dishes, then Wrapped in corn leaves and steamed in corn husks.

Other fillings are sweet.

christmas in mexico city


Romeritos are about as traditional as it gets when it comes to Christmas dishes.

They are “romerito” herbs with shrimp cakes and potatoes drenched in a mole sauce.

christmas in mexico city


Buñuelos are your crispy dessert fix, akin to sweet, fried dough.

Typically, they’re drizzled with syrup or sprinkled with sugar, perfect for a post-dinner treat.

You can try them in pasadas, or find vendors selling them in the Zocalo and streets.

christmas in mexico city


No Christmas feast is complete without a cup of warm fruit punch.

This fruit-laden beverage spiced with cinnamon and sugarcane is the perfect beverage to ward off the chill.

christmas in mexico city


A hearty soup with hominy and meat, garnished with lettuce, radish, onion, lime, and chili.

christmas in mexico city

Events for Christmas in Mexico City

Christmas in Mexico City is huge and there’s a ton of things going on throughout December!

Here are a few of the best things to do for Christmas in Mexico City:

1. Magic Christmas Tour of Mexico City

If you’re feeling a little lost and want to see the best Christmas spots in Mexico City and learn all the traditions alongside a local, this tour should be your starting point for Christmas in Mexico City.

You’ll get to experience the best Christmas in Mexico City as well as explore a wide variety of Mexican traditions and seasonal cuisine.

You’ll visit beautifully decorated places and immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere of the festive streets.


2. Magic Christmas Tour in Xochimilco

This tour is similar to the one above but it focuses on the Xochimilco area, which is a very traditional neighborhood in Mexico City.

Explore Mexican traditions and enjoy seasonal cuisine while visiting beautifully decorated places around the famous lake.

Moreover, you’ll also immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of the streets and discover Christmas decorations, artisan products, and traditional ponche at craft markets. BOOK HERE.

3. Monarch Butterfly: Biosphere Reserve & Christmas Tour in Mexico

Christmas in Mexico City is a magical time not only because of the festive celebrations, but because it’s also when monarch butterflies start to arrive!

This wonderful tour mixes the best of both worlds. You’ll embark on an adventure to the Biosphere Reserve to witness the stunning spectacle of colorful monarch butterflies.

Afterward, you’ll make a stop in Tlalpujahua, a small village known as the Christmas Village because locals here spend the year producing Christmas ornaments!

Aside from that, you’ll get to indulge in the irresistible flavors of Michoacán’s gastronomy, including local snacks such as corundas, uchepos, and carnitas.

All in all, this tour offers an extraordinary natural show, a festive town atmosphere, and an authentic culinary experience. BOOK HERE.

4. Feria de la Piñata y Esfera 2023 (Piñata Festival)

Every year the Piñata and Sphere Fair takes place in Mexico City, where artisans gather to offer their products to visitors.

At the Christmas fair in Mexico City, you can purchase all kinds of Christmas decorations and gifts from producers from Chignahuapan, Puebla, and Tlalpujahua, State of Mexico, as well as from other towns in different states of Mexico.

In addition to the variety of spheres, pines, poinsettias, blown glass ornaments, and all kinds of gifts, there will be concerts and a gastronomic exhibition where you will find cheeses, preserves, artisan bread, pulque, aguamiel, and products made with coffee and cocoa, among other delights.

  • Dates: December 2nd and 3rd from 11:00 a 19:00
  • Price: $50.00 pesos
  • Where: “Bonito Tianguis” (Durango #49 Colonia Roma, Cuautémoc, CDMX)

5. Desfile Bolo Fest (Bolo Fest Parade)

This is a beautiful Christmas parade organized for the whole family by the department stores Liverpool.

Among the characters that parade by land and air, the favorite is Bolo, exclusive to Liverpool. Bolo is a beloved Mexican character, pretty much all of us had at least one Bolo plush toy growing up!

The route begins at the Glorieta de la Diana Cazadora (map here) and ends at the Glorieta de las Mujeres que Luchan.

We recommend arriving early, as the event is quite crowded.

  • Date: 2 de diciembre 2023 at 10:00 am
  • Price: Free
  • Where: Diana Cazadora

6. Christmas Concert by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Mexico City (OFCM)

Delight your ears and fully immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit with the concert offered by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Mexico City.

Under the baton of maestro Enrique Patrón de Rueda, the OFCM will perform Christmas classics such as White Christmas, Sleigh Ride, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, Adeste Fideles, and others.

  • Fecha: December 10th, 2023 t a 18:00
  • Tickets: Purchase here
  • Where: Sala Silvestre Revueltas (Periférico Sur 5141, Isidro Fabela, Tlalpan, CDMX)

7. Brilla Fest 2023: Christmas in the Forest

Although technically it is not within the limits of Mexico City, it is within the metropolitan area, so we have included it in the list because it’s an absolute must.

Enter the magical world of Brilla Fest where you will find 4 Christmas villages, illuminated figures, a circus show, mechanical games, elves, the Christmas Express train, and more.

Additionally, there will be a little market and a gastronomic exhibition full of snacks and seasonal delights.

  • Date: All December from 18:00 till 23:00 
  • Tickets: Purchase here.
  • Where: Parque Naucalli (Boulevard Manuel Ávila Camacho manzana 20, Boulevares, Naucalpan de Juárez, Estado de México)

8. Festival Artesanal de Navidad 2023

This is a wonderful event where you can enjoy various cultural activities alluding to the Christmas season in an emblematic and beautiful venue in Mexico City.

You’ll be able to see and purchase decorations and gifts from artisans from Oaxaca, State of Mexico, Chiapas, Guerrero, Aguascalientes, Yucatán, Puebla, Veracruz, Hidalgo, Jalisco, and Querétaro.

You can also savor an exquisite variety of seasonal cuisine.

  • Date: December 1st, 2023 from 13:00 hrs / December 2nd and 3rd from 10:00
  • Ticket: Free
  • Where: Museo Casa del Risco (Plaza San Jacinto 5, San Ángel, Álvaro Obregón, CDMX)

9. Christmas in the Park at Six Flags Mexico City

Every year, the Six Flags Mexico amusement park dresses up for Christmas to celebrate the season.

The entire place gets filled with lights and “snow” so that you can enjoy Christmas shows and activities among the mechanical rides.

Get into the holiday mood with the parade, the Christmas village, and other surprises that await you.

  • Date: From November 24th 2023 till January 14th 2024
  • Tickets: Purchase here.
  • Where: Six Flags México

10. See Poinsettias all over Reforma Avenue

Throughout the month of December and the first week of January, Paseo de la Reforma, one of the most important avenues in Mexico City, gets filled with poinsettia flowers, making it look more beautiful than usual.

Admiring them is one of the best things to do during Christmas in Mexico City without spending anything.

In addition to being very pleasant to the eye and getting you in the Christmas mood, it’s incredible for taking some great seasonal photos.

  • Date: Last week of November 2023 till January 7th 2024
  • Precio: Free!
  • Where: All over Paseo de la Reforma

PS: You can also spot these flowers in several parks in Mexico City.

11. Palacio De Hierro Christmas Market

The Christmas Market at Palacio de Hierro is one of the best and probably the most beautiful Christmas markets in Mexico City.

It is an incredible space inspired by the magic of the legendary Christmas markets of Europe, located in the esplanade of the Durango store in the heart of the Roma neighborhood.

Here you will find everything you can imagine for Christmas, from the most beautiful decorations to surprising gifts.

In addition, at its various stations, you will have the opportunity to live different experiences that will fully immerse you in the festive spirit.

Imagine being able to find Bratwurst hot dogs, craft beer, nature art, Christmas cakes, personalized scents, sweets, and ugly sweaters all in the same place.

  • Date: November 20th till December 24th 2023 from 11:00 to 21:000
  • Entrance: Free
  • Where: Durango 230, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc, CDMX

12. The Santa Run

If you want to burn off all the calories you’ll be consuming during Christmas in Mexico City or if you like helping children and love dogs, this event is for you!

The Santa Run 2023 will take place on December 17 at La Mexicana Park in Santa Fé. The fun part of this event is that the required outfit for all runners is a Santa suit, including the participating dogs.

There are a few days left for registration, which closes on November 30 if you want to choose the size of your suit and avoid a late registration fee.

The runner’s kit price includes a dry-fit Santa suit, medal, access to the post-Christmas event, giveaway, free breakfast at Fisher’s on the race day, as well as a photo back and activations. And most importantly, a contribution for gifts to a children’s cancer association.

There will be 1k, 5k, and 10k runs.

  • Date: December 17th, 2023 starting at 7:00 am 
  • Tickets: Register here
  • Where: Parque La Mexicana in Santa Fe

13. Coffee and Chocolate Fest (Café y Chocolate Fest 2023)

The warm drinks are tempting in the winter, and there is a December event in Mexico City where you can savor them and acquire an incredible variety of ingredients and utensils to prepare them at home.

In addition to tasting the delicious drinks and desserts to accompany them, you will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, tastings, cacao ceremonies, and other activities.

  • Date: December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd from 11:00 till 20:00
  • Price: Free
  • Where: Palacio de la Autonomía de la UNAM (Lic Primo Verdad 2, Centro Histórico de la CDMX)

14. Medieval Christmas: Yule Edition

If you are looking to transport yourself to the medieval era to participate in a Yule and winter solstice celebration, you will be able to do so for Christmas in Mexico City.

Here, you’ll be able to take part in fun activities such as combat, falconry presentations, games, and more.

Celebrate the end of darkness and the arrival of light among princes, princesses, knights, and magical beings, as it is the perfect opportunity to dress as in ancient times.

And, of course, bagpipe music is included!

  • Date: December 17th 2023 10:30 till 17:00
  • Price: $200 pesos
  • Where: Ex Convento del Desierto de los Leones (Carretera México-Toluca S/N, Cuajimalpa, CDMX)

15. Zócalo Lights

One of the most traditional activities you can do for Christmas in Mexico City is to admire the illuminated decorations in the Zócalo in the Historic Center of the capital.

The buildings surrounding the Zócalo square look more beautiful than usual with piñatas, candles, poinsettias, and other Christmas decorations.

Tip: While you’re at it, I really recommend having dinner at Balcón del Zócalo. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in Mexico City and they even have a seasonal winter menu that you should try! It also offers wonderful views of the Zocalo lights.

16. Harry Potter Winter Ball

Yes! I told you Christmas in Mexico City is next level and there’s an activity for pretty much everyone, so Harry Potter fans, rejoice!

Enjoy an incredible evening at the Winter Ball, a magical experience where, in addition to dancing, you can take unique photos and enjoy a delicious selection of themed food and drinks.

Inspired by the tradition of the Triwizard Tournament from the famous saga, this event has been successfully presented in Montreal, Milan, and Houston.

Of course, Mexico City could not be left behind. Show off your Hogwarts outfits and accessories if you have them, or you can purchase some at the market that will be available.

  • Date: Several dates available throughout December
  • Tickets: Purchase here.
  • Where: Edificio Histórico Rovina Nuova (Mesones 72, Centro Histórico, Cuahtémoc, CDMX)

17. The Nutcracker at Auditorio Nacional

If you’re into ballet, you can’t miss the grand staging of Tchaikovsky’s classic The Nutcracker.

Join the beautiful Clara and her brother Fritz in this story that begins on Christmas Eve before receiving a special gift from their uncle Herr Drosselmeyer.

  • Date: December 15th till December 23rd 2023
  • Tickets: Purchase here
  • Where: Auditorio Nacional (Av. Paseo de la Reforma 50, Polanco V Sección, Alcaldía Miguel, CDMX)

Other Things to Do in Mexico City

If you get tired of celebrating Christmas in Mexico City (you won’t! But you may want to explore other aspects of the city as well), here are some must-do tours:

1. Frida Kahlo Museum

The Frida Kahlo Museum, also referred to as the Casa Azul, can be found in the Coyoacán neighborhood of Mexico City. Originally the childhood home of the renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, it has since been transformed into a museum.

Visitors can explore a diverse array of Kahlo’s artwork, personal belongings, and photographs, while also gaining insights into her life and the socio-political landscape of Mexico during her era.

Tip: Book your entrance ticket in advance to avoid long queues (or not being able to snag a ticket at all!). This is a great option to get your tickets.

2. Try the street food

When in Mexico City, sampling street food is essential as it forms an integral part of the city’s culture and culinary heritage.

Renowned for its diverse flavors, distinctive ingredients, and budget-friendly offerings, Mexican street food is a must-try experience.

This small-group food tour is ideal for first-time visitors to Mexico City who want to explore the city’s street food without feeling overwhelmed. You’ll get to try a huge array of food and get personalized attention in a group limited to eight. Your guide will do the ordering, so you can sit back and enjoy the flavors of Mexico City. BOOK HERE.

3. Teotihuacan, Guadalupe Shrine, Tlatelolco & Tequila Tasting Tour

This tour is a wonderful option if you want to see three of the most iconic attractions in Mexico City in one go (with a little tequila added to the mix!). BOOK HERE.

christmas in mexico city

4. Hot Air Balloon Over Teotihuacan

This tour provides a unique opportunity to soar above the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the ancient city of Teotihuacán in a hot air balloon, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

Upon landing, a traditional toast is offered, along with a flight certificate to mark the occasion.

Prior to takeoff, participants can enjoy a coffee break and engage in activities such as an obsidian workshop, maguey tasting, and sampling of typical drinks.

Following the flight, a delicious breakfast is served in a natural cave, adding to the allure of the experience. BOOK HERE.

5. Night Tacos and Mezcal Crawl

This tour is perfect for foodies who want to experience the mezcal and the best tacos in Mexico City.

christmas in mexico city

Guided by a passionate local gastronome with a penchant for exceptional tacos and mezcal, you’ll embark on a 3-hour evening excursion through the captivating neighborhood of Colonia Roma.

At every destination, you’ll delve into the background of each taco and beverage, exploring their cultural significance.

This immersive experience offers the opportunity to discover the city’s culinary landscape, cultural intricacies, and traditions while savoring novel dishes in unique settings. Reserve your spot now.

6. Xochimilco Boat Ride and Mexican Party

This tour offers a super fun experience cruising along Xochimilco’s canals and floating gardens on a traditional canal boat called a ” trajinera”.

Onboard, you’ll have access to limitless beer, tequila, and mezcal, and have the chance to master the art of preparing fresh guacamole, perfect for pairing with crispy tortilla chips.

The tour also includes a stop at a replica Island of the Dolls, a creepy and fascinating sight for those interested in Mexican folklore. BOOK HERE.

7. Take a Day Trip to San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende also offers a delightful display of Day of the Dead decorations, and its close proximity to Mexico City, just a three-hour journey, makes it an easily accessible day trip destination!

christmas in mexico city

This day trip to San Miguel de Allende from Mexico City is ideal for those who want to explore one of Mexico’s main colonial cities and its colorful architecture. After getting to know the city, you’ll also get free time to stroll the colorful streets, visit cafes and shops, and explore the plazas on your own. BOOK HERE.

Safety in Mexico City Christmas

The city is pretty safe year-round and there aren’t extra precautions you need to take during Christmas in Mexico City.

I’d be extra careful, though, of drunk drivers as statistically, drunk driving increases during this time of the year, but that’s about it.

You’ll also notice an increase of police cars during Christmas in Mexico City, especially around popular neighborhoods. They’re not regular police but rather in charge of catching drunk drivers.

Take a look at my safety guide to Mexico City to learn how to stay safe in Mexico City.

Conclusion: Christmas in Mexico City

From the vibrant decorations to the delicious food and the warm hospitality, Christmas in Mexico City is a celebration that captures the essence of joy, togetherness, and cultural heritage.

Whether you’re strolling through the bustling markets or admiring the dazzling lights, celebrating Christmas in Mexico City is an experience like no other!