Packing for Europe: 8 Essentials You Need To Bring Along

With so much to do across Europe, deciding what to bring can be a pain, especially if you’re packing for Europe in summer, when the weather across countries varies so much.

And more than just that, there are always a few things that we tend to forget to bring along because hey, there are a few things that might not even cross our minds! For that reason, I put together a list of eight essentials to pack that will make your trip to Europe a whole lot easier!

Essentials You Need To Pack:

Planning on visiting Europe and looking for the perfect packing list? Whether you're visiting in summer or winter, here are eight essentials you need to pack for the perfect trip to Europe.

1. Universal Adapter

If there’s one thing you need to pack for a trip to Europe, it’s a universal adapter. Plugs in Europe are different than those in the Americas, so you’ll need an adapter to make sure you can charge all your electronics.

2. Dry Bag

If you’re planning on visiting beach destinations, a dry bag will soon become your best friend. Even though Europe is safe, petty thefts do occur and there’s nothing I hate more than having to leave my camera + wallet at home whenever I go to the beach (that or, having to take turns when going into the water so someone can keep an eye on my belongings).

Enter Sea To Summit’s Dry Bag! I got it as a gift when traveling Southeast Asia and it has become a must in my packing list. You can fill it up with any valuables you don’t want to risk losing and take it for a swim with you rather than risking leaving your things at the beach and having to worry that someone will grab them. You can get yours on Amazon.

Don’t forget to get travel insurance for your trip! As always, I recommend Safety Wing for great prices and coverage abroad. It starts at only $45 USD per month and will have you covered with everything you may need during your trip! Check them out here.

3. Ziplock bag or a TSA approved bag

Europe is very strict when it comes to flying, so if you plan on taking any planes to get from place to place while visiting Europe, you’ll need to place all the liquids your carry on into a ziplock bag for screening.

If you want something that’s a bit more stylish than a plastic ziplock bag, you can also get this set of TSA approved bags.

4. Sneakers

I know this one seems rather obvious, but I keep hearing misconceptions about sneakers being a no-no for travelers in Europe because they’ll make you stand out as a tourist.

This is a total lie, guys! Europeans love their sneakers, and it’s even trendy to wear them! If you want to make sure your sneakers fit in with the ones locals are wearing, get a pair of Adidas like these.

5. Travel Insurance

Make sure your travel insurance covers all the countries you plan on visiting as well as all the activities in your itinerary. Some insurances won’t cover you while hiking or doing other adventure activities, so read your insurance terms carefully.

If you’re still on the lookout for travel insurance for your trip, I highly recommend Safety Wing.

It’s incredibly flexible insurance that you can buy, modify and even extend online. For instance, if your itinerary isn’t 100% set in stone and you decide to visit a country on the fly, you can simply go to their website and add that new country in – all you need is wifi!

It will also cover you on over 150 adventure activities, so if you are planning on doing more than just sight-seeing while in Europe, you should definitely look into it.

6. Microfiber Towel

I’m a huge fan of travel towels because they are seriously SO handy, especially for backpackers. I used to pack regular towels when traveling and it was so annoying as they take up tons of space and always take a long time for them to dry.

Ever since my boyfriend gifted me one, I never go anywhere without my Travel Towel by Youphoria. It’s antibacterial, super light to carry, takes very little space in my luggage, and dries very quickly.

7. Travel Umbrella

Weather in most of Europe (especially those countries up north) can be unpredictable and rain isn’t unlikely during most of the year. Bring a travel umbrella like this one to make sure rain doesn’t get in the way of exploring Europe’s stunning cities. It’s super tiny and lightweight that you’ll barely notice it in your purse.

8. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes aren’t a must, but I thought I’d include them anyway as they’ll make your life a hell of a lot easier when packing. They also save tons of space in your luggage (they compress air and are an amazing way to keep your bags organized). I love this set of packing cubes from Ebags.

Extra: Portable Charger + Passport Holder

Another non-essential but incredibly useful item to bring along when traveling Europe is this phone-charging passport holder from Lovie Style. It’ll keep your passport protected and also acts as a portable charger for your phone! They come in many different colors, too!

And that’s the list! Are there any other essentials you can think of when packing for Europe?

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