How To Visit Jamaica in 2022 (Current Travel Restrictions + Tips)

A Facebook memory today reminded me that it’s been two full years since I traveled abroad. Somehow, Covid re-shaped my life completely and everything that happened before 2020 feels like a huge blur. In March of that year, I flew to Mexico City for a few weeks to “wait things out” and somehow, it has been my home ever since!

Things got pretty crazy, but there’s very little I miss from my previous life. One thing I do miss, though? International travel!

Things feel safe-ish now, and I’m so, so excited to get back to that jet-setting lifestyle (maybe not as hardcore as it once was, as I did adopt a dog last year, after all!)

The Caribbean pops to mind when I picture the first regions I’m excited to return to, and I’m oh-so-excited to hear that, Jamaica, one of the destinations I’m most excited to visit has made it very easy for travelers to visit as of recently.

Steps to Take to Enter Jamaica in 2022

Unfortunately, the pandemic isn’t fully over yet, and while I can definitely see the end, there are still some restrictions to take into account no matter where we go. With that said, planning a Jamaica vacation only requires a few extra steps for US citizens, so that makes this gem of a country one of the easiest to visit in 2022!

Below is a pretty useful step-by-step guide with all the information you need to prepare for your trip to Jamaica:

As you can see, the only “extra” requirement is a Covid test taken within 72 hours prior to your trip as well as another one in order to get back home. Yep, it may sound like a hassle, but taking tests is important in order to ensure we keep ourselves and locals safe. Plus, I’m pretty sure at this point we’re all used to them!

Tests Approved for Entry into Jamaica

The types of tests approved for entry into Jamaica are the following:

  • Antigen Test
  • RT-PCR Test
  • RNA or Molecular Test
  • NAA Test

NOT approved:

  • Antibody Test
  • Self-Administered Test
  • Home-Based Test Kits

Tests Approved for Entry back into the USA from Jamaica

The types of tests approved for re-entry into the United States:

  • Antigen Test
  • RT-PCR Test

NOT approved:

  • Antibody Test
  • Self-Administered Test

Getting tested in Jamaica for re-entry is easy, here’s a list of approved clinics.


The most important thing you need to do (aside from making sure you take the right test) is the timing, which is key when it comes to the whole process.

The infographic above provides a pretty good timeline, but just in case you need more guidance, my tip is to make sure you schedule your test 3 days prior to your departure date. Yes, you’re technically allowed to take the test anytime within 72 hours before your flight, but sometimes it can take a couple of days to get your results back, so you’ll want to save yourself that stress!

I hope this guide on Jamaica’s entry requirements helped you prepare for your trip (or inspired you to visit this incredible island after learning how easy it is to enter these days).

I definitely recommend visiting Jamaica if you’re still unsure where to visit this year! Not only are they doing an incredible job at making sure to keep everyone safe, but the tourism industry here is still recovering, so you’ll get to have plenty of space for yourself as well as help bring the island’s amazing welcoming vibes back to life!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Beaches Resorts.



  1. Thank you for providing such thorough instructions. Jamaica is so beautiful; I wish the pandemic would end so we could travel freely and without fear.

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