6 Favorite BBQ Restaurants In Chicago

Have no fear, the best Chicago BBQ is here! As a lover of food and all things smokey, I’ve taken the time to uncover the best BBQ joints in Chicago, Illinois, and sacrifice my daily caloric intake!

BBQ Restaurants In Chicago

The windy city has a rich culinary history and hosts many delicious BBQ restaurants, offering you something special you won’t likely forget!

So join me and get your hands sticky… As we explore the best places to enjoy classic BBQ in the Midwest. 

6 Best BBQ Restaurants In Chicago


You know when you enter a restaurant and you can tell they care… It might be the classic colors and unpretentious decor.

BBQ Restaurants In Chicago

The aromas of burning wood change depending on what is cooking! It is a rustic and unassuming gem that will keep you coming back for more.

Located in the Irving Park neighborhood, BBQ Smoque boasts a top rating of 4.7 on Google reviews!

I found the Texas-inspired brisket mouthwatering to and I’ll admit to ordering an extra pound! Savor the flavor as you pick what authentic side dish you fancy.

Is it the homemade creamy coleslaw or a rich mac & cheese that will likely put you in a food coma?

Try Making it At Home: Creamy Coleslaw

2. Honky Tonk BBQ 

If ‘Hony Tonk’ doesn’t draw you in, then what will? Maybe the fact that this restaurant is just steps away from Lake Michigan captures the atmosphere of a classic BBQ joint.

BBQ Restaurants In Chicago

From the aesthetics to the live music at weekends, Honky Tonk BBQ draws you in before you even start smelling the food!

The smoked chicken wings are everything… Crispy, smokey and succulent!

Want to feed the family? Honky Tonk caters for all sizes and even has special deals on bigger groups! Pass a perfectly baked corn muffin to your loved ones and let the blues soothe your soul!

Try Making it At Home: Smoked Chicken Wings

3. Lillie’s Q

We have to start the review of Lillie’s Q with the massive array of sauces.

BBQ Restaurants In Chicago

You should know by now that a BBQ can’t be a BBQ without sauce!

Now, I’m not going to tell you what sauces are best… That’s for you to decide.

I will tell you, however, that each one of Lillie’s Q sauces is top. From the tangy BBQ to the hot and smokey Carolina. 

Lillie’s Q is located in the Bucktown neighborhood and has a cozy atmosphere. Stainless steel and mahogany wood tops let you chill out after a hard day. 

4. The Pit Rib House

Boasting delivering a whopping 50 years of mouth-watering BBQ, Pit Rib House is the local favorite in the Old Irving Park neighborhood.

BBQ Restaurants In Chicago

A family-owned business offering authentic BBQ will keep you coming back for more!

The baby back ribs are my personal favorite and smothered in a secret BBQ sauce and how the fries are so crispy, yet soft!

The food is delivered on a special wood block.

This makes it easier for you to get stuck in and enjoy without worrying about the mess! Be treated like family while dining in the casual atmosphere and never look back! 

Try Making it At Home: Baby Back Ribs

5. Uncle John’s BBQ

Uncle John’s BBQ is a classic staple in Chicago!

BBQ Restaurants In Chicago

Not mentioning this South Side spot would have caused an outrage… Starting in 1971, while the unassuming exterior might have you fooled, the irresistible scent of smoked meat won’t!

Enjoy rib tips like never before as the signature dish at Uncle John’s. Or how about the specialty hot links? Each dish is prepared with perfect precision!

The decor is relaxed and historic, with the many past relics showing you a story with every bite of succulent meat.

Go ahead and check out the uncle you never thought you had and makes the best BBQ food, ever!

Try Making it At Home: Rib Tips

6. Green Street Smoked Meats 

From all the BBQ joints I’ve pulled up my chair in delight, Green Street Smoked Meats made me think I was in Texas when I wasn’t.

BBQ Restaurants In Chicago

Specializing in true Texas style, this restaurant gives you that authentic experience in the heart of Chicago… The cafeteria-style set up with picnic tables is a true carnivore dream with what seems like an unlimited variety of meats. F

rom brisket and ribs to pastrami and jerk chicken! This is a new style mixed with a classic and somewhere I want to be!

Located down an alley in the West Loop neighborhood, these guys live on a first come first serve basis and do not accept reservations. I’ll see you in the waiting line!

Try Making it At Home: Jerk Chicken

BBQ Restaurants in Chicago: Conclusion

And that’s the list of my favorite BBQ restaurants in Chicago!

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