Chicago’s Sweet Tooth:  Where to Get the City’s 18 Best Desserts

It’s no secret that Chicago’s sweet tooth is legendary.

If you’re planning a visit to Chicago and looking for places to satisfy your sweet cravings, save this list from a local who knows where to get the city’s best desserts.  

In this article, we’ll share Chicago’s secrets so that you don’t miss out on sheer indulgence. Chicago’s dessert scene is epic.

From hidden gems tucked away in cozy neighborhoods to renowned establishments that have stood the test of time, we’ll guide you through the city’s culinary landscape so that you know where to go.

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Best Places for Dessert in Chicago

Matcha En 

2167 S China Pl

Spoiler alert! There are lots of matcha options at this dessert stop. Located in Chicago’s Chinatown neighborhood, this cafe serves match-infused ice cream, milk teas, lattes, and pastries. You can also sample matcha pudding, mochi, and crepe.

Their matcha ice cream is quite good with a creamy texture, the flavor is well-pronounced. If you like the strong flavors of matcha, you will love matcha crepe cake. If you are not very fond of Japanese green tea, you can mix the taste with other flavors like peach, mango, or strawberry in a latte. This place serves high-quality matcha. We highly recommend the Matcha Roll Cake and Mille Crepe.


851 W Belmont Ave

Chicago’s can’t stop raving about this dessert lounge. Their specialty? They craft decadent desserts like Churro sundaes that are a fiesta in every bite.

The create-your-own Funnel cakes are crispy and fluffy to perfection. Other dessert embellishments include Biscoff crumbles, Fruity Pebbles, and Ferrero Rocher candy.

With names like Berried Treasure or Drip Drop It Like It’s Hot, you know it won’t be an ordinary dessert.

There’s no need for a car, you can take the Chicago Red, Blue, or Purple line to the Belmont stop. They don’t open before 3 PM and are closed on Mondays so keep this in mind creating your Chicago itinerary.  

If you’re going to visit DRIP, you will be near Ann Sather’s (909 Belmont) so you should stop for their incredible cinnamon rolls. You won’t regret it.


Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop

400 N Michigan Ave

Ghirardelli is a tried-and-true dessert shop that is conveniently located on Chicago’s tourist route but their World Famous Hot Fudge Sundaes deserve honorable mention. They have chocolate down to an art.  

The shop is on the Magnificent Mile and there is outdoor seating to absorb the city vibes. If you’ve done some shopping or finished a walking tour, it’s a perfect stop to relax and recharge.

While Ghirardelli certainly deserves its place in the city’s dessert scene, countless other dessert stops are waiting to be explored and each offers its own unique sweet delights. 

Dessert Dealer

108 N Green St

I mean…if you’re going to be hooked on anything, it should be dessert. Their Tacolaco is like eating gelato in a sweet taco-shaped shell.

You can customize your sweet embellishments and they are very generous with the toppings.

It’s messy to eat, but you won’t mind because the ice cream, dessert toppings, waffle cone taco shell, and drizzled flavors are addictive. You might think $12 for a dessert taco is a tad pricey, but hey…dealers have to get their cut! 

Jars by Favioviviani

216 N Peoria Street

We created three reasons why you should eat dessert in a jar. One, it helps you with portion control. Eating dessert in a jar is like having a personal trainer for your sweet tooth. Two, it’s Instagram-able and we all secretly want to be Insta-famous with our desserts looking as good as we do. And three, every jar is like a gold mine.  

The more you dig, the more you discover tangy explosions of sweet goodness because each jar is a treasure trove of taste sensations.

Dive into the velvety layers of German Chocolate Cake or Banana Cream Pie. Jars are pure dessert euphoria waiting to be unearthed with a spoon.


3155 N. Halsted

Let us be the first to introduce you to a dessert place that is equal parts culinary wizardry and design sorcery.

2d is one of the 20 best donut shops in Chicago and serves desserts on a whole new level.

The pairing of Japanese mochi donuts with an elixir of Vietnamese coffee is tempting. The whimsical ambiance of the cafe is unique and hand-drawn which makes it one of a kind.

Eli’s Cheesecake 

6701 W Forest Preserve Dr

Eli’s Cheesecake is one of Chicago’s classic foods that is a pillar of the city’s history.

To visit the store, you’ll need to go by car but it’s worth the drive. The bakery has a fantastic lunch menu and there’s no better way to end a meal than with a dense cheesecake with a myriad of choice toppings.

The best sellers are chocolate chip and strawberry but there’s never a bad choice when it comes to this dessert. 

Doughnut Vault

401 N Franklin St

Nothing will make your mouth water and your willpower crumble like a donut. At the vault, you will unlock hand-crafted doughnuts in classic flavors that will have you coming back for more.

Our favs include the Masala Chai Cake and Maple Old Fashioned. Doughnut Vault is included on this self-guided donut tour in Chicago. The walk through the city will help balance the doughnuts in each hand.  

Goddess and the Baker

33 S. Wabash (Millennium Park)

This bakery is not just Instagram-able, it’s a sweet masterpiece. There are several locations in downtown Chicago and the pastries are amazing! The chocolate croissant with Glitter Gold Latte is irresistible. There is also a selection of gluten-free pastries if preferred.

Nutella Cafe

189 Michigan Ave

A great cafe for spending the afternoon with chocolate and hazelnut treats. If you can score a seat by the window to people-watch while you eat, all the better. Imagine your strawberry and whipped cream topped crepe covered in a warm robe of nutty, chocolate sauce. Everything will surely please Nutella lovers. Be forewarned, the seating line is unbelievably long because this cafe is wildly popular in Chicago. 

Sugar Bliss

122 S Wabash Ave

If you’re looking for an absolute haven the name, Sugar Bliss, says it all. The bakery is located in the Loop (downtown Chicago, a short walk from Millenium Park) and has a display case that will make you drool.

Stop for delicious little bites-tarts, cupcakes, croissants, crepes, and coffee drinks. You will love the selection of high-quality pastries from this woman-owned storefront. We recommend their soft and flavorful macaroons and red velvet cupcakes.  

Artopolis Bakery & Cafe

306 S Halsted St

Craving a taste of Greece? Head over to Greek town for some of the best cultural desserts. Artopolis is slightly south of the Loop and within a 30-minute walking distance from downtown. 

Artopolis is like a Greek symphony of sweetness, where the baklava will leave you shouting “Opa!” Picture layers of flaky phyllo dough, delicately brushed with butter and adorned with a tasty mix of finely chopped nuts.

This divine creation is then bathed in golden syrup, infused with hints of cinnamon and citrus, resulting in a sticky-sweet masterpiece. With each heavenly bite, the crispy crunch gives way to a luscious nutty filling, dancing like Zorba.


1623 N Milwaukee Ave

Chocolate lovers unite! Mindy’s hot chocolate is a favorite amongst Chicagoans and if you sipped a cup, you would know why! This rich, velvety elixir comforts the soul and melts the chill in the air. 

Mindy’s has baked goods that will pair nicely with it, and they are incredibly hard to resist. Go for the hot chocolate and stay for the pastries!

Brown Sugar Bakery

328 E. 75th St. Location

There is lots of hype in Chicago about Brown Sugar’s Caramel Cake. The desserts are ample in portion and have four layers of freshly baked cake with creamed icings.

It may be hard to consume an entire slice in one sitting, but that’s ok because you’ll never know when your sweet tooth will strike again.

Paris Baguette 

1100 S. Michigan Avenue

When it comes to European desserts, Parisian pastries are among the absolute best. Chicagoans rave about their cheese Danish, selection of croissants, macaroons, and exquisite cakes.

If you are staying at a hotel in the South Loop area, this is the place you should start your day with morning coffee and pastries or end the evening with French style. 

It’s not easy to get to the bakery (a car is required) because they are on the south side of Chicago and the walk from the nearest metro station is at least 20 minutes. Parking on the street is also limited.

Final Thoughts About Chicago’s Best Desserts

Desserts are known for being sweet, but in Chicago we also love creativity. 

Chicagoans highly support small shops that demonstrate originality in an ordinary slice of cake or scoop of ice cream.  

From this list, it might be tough to choose. The most popular places like Nutella Cafe and Goddes & the Baker draw huge crowds. 

Jars, 2d, and DRIP offer incredible experiences in charming neighborhoods where you can explore the area like a local and feel the community’s vibe.

Whichever place you choose to visit, there’s no doubt that Chicago has a sweet tooth that rivals the city’s famous attractions.