The Most Amazing Travel Movies & Shows to Inspire You to Travel the World

And so it happened. Suddenly, we're all staying home for the foreseeable future. Lucky for me, I have two passions in life: traveling and staying indoors - I find happiness in both! I love exploring the world, but my introverted ass does need a break from it, so when I'm not traveling, you can probably find me either working from home, planning new projects, or binge-watch[...]

2018 Liebster Awards Nomination

This year, I was nominated by the lovely Aaren from What Do You Sea (does anyone else love the name of her blog and wishes they would've thought of it first?!). Head over here to check out her blog and read about Aaren's adventures around the world! Getting nominated by Aaren meant more to me than she can imagine! Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest at the moment, and[...]