Shopping in Essaouira: Where and What To Buy in Morocco’s Boho Town

Shopping in Essaouira is one of my favorite things to do in Morocco.

I have never really been a souvenir shopper, but when it comes to Morocco – I can almost hear my wallet screaming at me to stop buying things I likely won’t need (but who doesn’t need a few Moroccan rugs to bring back home, really?).

Shopping in Essaouira is really a breeze compared to any other major city in Morocco. You rarely get hassled to visit a shop, and when you do, a simple “no, thanks” suffices. If you do decide to go into a shop, nobody pressures you into buying things. (P.S. Here’s a useful guide to shopping in Morocco and how to bargain!)

Shopping in Essaouira is one of my favorite activities to do in Morocco, and here is a thorough guide to all the shops you need to visit and what to buy in each of them!

Fun fact: I loved Essaouira’s chilled out vibe so much that I decided to ditch our plans and extend our stay there for an entire week even though I was only planning to visit on a day trip from Marrakech originally. I actually wrote a guide on the best things to do in Essaouira.

Here are my favorite places to go shopping in Essaouira:

Raffia Craft Shoes

Sick of wearing boring shoes? Then this is your go-to place for shopping in Essaouira. The shoes sold here come in different colors and styles, but they all have one thing in common – they are made from raffia!

Usually, raffia shoes cost anywhere between 150 and 200 Dirham depending on the design. As a tip, Essaouira is the best city in Morocco to purchase these types of shoes, so make sure not to miss out!

Address: 82 Rue d’Agadir

Galerie Jama

Wondering where to buy Moroccan rugs? As far as places to do some serious vintage shopping in Essaouira, Galerie Jama is definitely the star of the show.

You can find everything here. From vintage Berber rugs to ancient clothes, funky furniture, and exquisite baskets. The best part about Galerie de Jama is that Mustafa, the owner, doesn’t play bargaining games or push you into buying anything. You are free to explore the three-story shop that carries treasures from every era and ask him any questions you might have about the story behind pieces.

Prices here are a bit on the high-end side due to the quality, authenticity, and age of the items, but you can be sure to find one of a kind and collector-worthy pieces here.

Still, if you don’t want to buy, it is a very interesting place to do some window shopping in Essaouira. You can easily spend an entire day here just browsing through their jaw-dropping carpets and textiles.

Address: Rue Ibn Rochd, Essaouira

Atelier de Tissage Omar Bahja

If shopping for exquisite blankets is what you are into, then look no further!

I kept coming back here because the workers there did not hassle me at all. It felt as though I was invisible, which allowed me to browse around freely without feeling pressure. They have a lot of variety in their shop, but the main trend was red hues and minimalistic colors (whites, soft blues, grays, etc) – perfect if you are into a Scandinavian look.

Prices range from 150 Dhs to 500 Dhs – a steal for what you get!

Address: 57 bis, Rue Sidi Ben Abdellah, Essaouira

Cooperative Al Yakout Li Raffia

Similar to Raffia Craft Shoes but adding to its repertoire other funky accessories to match the look.


Here is their official list of prices for your reference.

Small purses: 80 – 120 Dhs
Big bags: 200 – 250 Dhs
Bread baskets: 180 Dhs
Babouches: 150-170 Dhs
Flats: 190 – 200 Dhs
Ankle boots: 380 Dhs
Sandals: 180 – 200 Dhs
Closed shoes: 250 – 380 Dhs

Address: 5 Rue Kacem Alabar (workshop) and 77 Rue Mohamed El-Qori (shop)

The Wood Souk Behind Skala de la Ville

Essaouira is famous for its wood carving artisans. From salad spoons to tabletop decorations to drool-worthy furniture, the wood souk behind Skala de la Ville is the go-to place for all your wooden needs (or those needs you didn’t realize you needed).

Address: Located behind Skala de la Ville

Boheme of Morocco

A new shop in Essaouira containing all things boho-chic located in what I like to call the hipster square of the town.

You can find unique chairs here, as well as rugs, wall hangings, and mud cloth cushions. It’s the perfect place to go for those who, like me, despise bargaining. All prices are marked for your quiet shopping pleasure!

Address: Place el Khaima (El Khaima Plaza)

Centre de la Bijuteria Artesanal

If silver jewelry is what you are looking for, then this is the best place to visit. It is a cooperative that was founded in 1908 that teaches disabled people how to craft it, and the results are just gorgeous. They cater to every style – for those who like their jewelry to be flamboyant, but also for those who follow the “less is more” mantra.

Where To Stay in Essaouira

For those on a budget, I recommend staying at Riad Inna. It’s set just a short walk to the beach right in the middle of the medina. Check it out here.

For those looking for something more luxurious, you’ll love staying at Hotel Le Medina Essaouira Thalassa Sea & Spa. Prices start at $95 for a double room and the hotel is located within walking distance to the beach, in what is considered the best part of Essaouira. There is a pool, two restaurants, a tea room, and a spa! Check it out here.

Best Time to Visit Essaouiria

The spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) are the best seasons to visit Essaouira because of the mild and pleasant weather.

The temperature in these months ranges from 18°C to 25°C, making it pleasant for outdoor pursuits like city exploration, beach trips, and medina strolls.

With temperatures reaching up to 30°C or more, the summer months (June to August) can be quite hot and crowded. However, Essaouira hosts a ton of cultural and music festivals during these times, too!

Here’s a guide to the best time to visit Morocco as well.