Travel Blog Name Ideas: How to Choose the Perfect Name For Your Blog

Looking for travel blog names? This post has you covered.

One of the hardest parts about starting a travel blog is coming up with a name. If you’re here, you’ve probably decided to take the plunge and take the first steps toward becoming a travel blogger, but you’re most likely stumped trying to figure out ideas for your travel blog’s name.

Not to freak you out or anything, but coming up with travel blog name ideas is something REALLY important. You aren’t just choosing a random name for your Tumblr account, you’re picking a name for your new business.

Choosing a name for your travel blog involves more than just finding a cute domain. In fact, there’s a ton of things to consider before you take the plunge and actually purchase hosting for your travel blog.

I know you’re probably super excited to start writing away and make your blog the best one on the internet, but it’s really important to take a few days to make sure your travel blog name is something you love (and will love forever, because changing your blog name, in the long run, is extremely time-consuming).

Travel blog names

But don’t be discouraged: There are still tons of amazing travel blog names available and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one in no time after reading this guide.

After all, I own a travel blog and have definitely been where you are right now. It took me several weeks to come up with my blog’s name, I’m definitely happy I didn’t rush things because I absolutely LOVE it (even three years after launching my blog).

About this guide to finding travel blog name ideas

  • Things to consider when choosing a travel blog name
  • Tips to come up with a travel blog name
  • Words for travel blog names
  • Travel blog name ideas
  • How to buy your blog name

Things to Consider When Choosing a Travel Blog Name

Before I even get to the part where I’ll list a few travel blog name ideas, I want you to take a moment to consider a few things about your blog and its overall identity:

1. Avoid cliches when choosing your travel blog name

Words like Nomadic, Adventurous, and Around the World have already been used over and over. Moreover, they’re already taken and pretty branded by top travel bloggers (i.e Nomadic Matt or Adventurous Kate). Make sure you’re setting your travel blog up for success by making sure your name stands out from the crowd.

2. Make sure your travel blog’s name is available on all social media platforms

Make sure you travel blog name is available on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You don’t want to purchase a domain name only to find out you now have to add a hyphen or a number at the end of your username.

3. Are you sure your travel blog’s name can grow with you?

Let’s say you’re in your early twenties and want to create a blog about backpacking because, well, you’ve been backpacking for a while now and it’s something you can actually write about.

What would happen, however, if in the future you want to give luxury travel a try and wind up loving it? Or what if you eventually start a family and your content is now more focused towards traveling with kids?

We never know what will happen in the future, and if you’re not 100% sure backpacking is what you want to write about for the rest of your life, then you might want to think of a more generic name for your travel blog than “Susie The Backpacker”.

By opting for a more generic blog name, you’re not putting yourself in a box and you can allow your travel blog to grow along with you. If you go for a super-specific name and your priorities wind up changing, you might need to look into a complete rebrand and a change of domain, which, trust me, is an extremely painful process.

Take it from me: I used to think I’d spend the rest of my life writing about solo female, budget & long-term travel, but life changed and hey, now I am actually based in Mexico City and recently adopted a dog! Thanks to the fact that my blog is not named “Dani The Solo Budget Long-Term Traveler”, I can extend my content and write about what it’s like to explore Mexico with a dog without confusing my readers.

4. Make sure your travel blog name is easy to spell

I think the first thing I did when I was trying to come up with a name for my travel blog was to google “cool travel words”. I was shown a humongous list of words in different languages, all of which sounded super unique.

If you’re anything like me, you probably did the same thing BUT – avoid it at all costs. Some travel-related words like Livsnjutare or Strikhedonia might sound romantic, but 1) they’re hard to spell and 2) they’re almost impossible to remember.

You want your readers to come back for more, and they won’t be able to do it if they can’t actually remember how to find you. As a rule, make sure your name is simple and memorable.

Travel blog name ideas

5. Is it a good domain name? Are you sure?

Some website names might look good on paper, but when you put the words together into a .com domain? Not so much.

Let’s look at Dickson Web as an example. It’s a pretty good name for a website, but when turned into a URL, it’s suddenly or Speed Of Art, which would suddenly become, eek! Here’s a list of pretty embarrassing domains in case you want to get a laugh!

6. PLEASE avoid using hyphens and symbols

Avoid using hyphens and weird characters. Imagine telling someone to check your travel blog out and telling them to “it’s no hyphen hurry hyphen to hyphen get hyphen home dot com”.

Travel blog names

7. Make sure your blog name is available as a .com domain

This is so important! Make sure your blog name is ACTUALLY available and not taken by somebody else already. This is probably the hardest step when coming up with travel blog name ideas because it can be quite disheartening when you finally figure out a name you love only to find out it’s already being used.

Still, though, once you come up with the perfect blog name and find that it’s available… you’ll be squealing with joy!

8. Keep it short and sweet

Your travel blog’s name should be easy to remember. As a general rule, I’d stick to using no more than four words for your name.

Travel blogger
Travel blogging gave me the chance to work with this amazing property in South Africa!

Ideas to come up with catchy travel blog names

1. Use your name or nickname

A great way to come up with a travel blog name is to simply use your name (or a cute nickname if you have one!) and add to it.

A few examples of travel bloggers that used their names/nicknames:

  • Alex in Wonderland (name)
  • Fox in the Forest (nickname)
  • Dan Flying Solo (name)
  • Angie Away (name)
  • Goats on the Road (name)

Using your name on your travel blog is especially great if your aim is to make your travel blog really personal and create a brand that revolves solely around you and your travels. That can be a great move if getting loyal readers and sponsored opportunities as a travel blogger are your aim).

2. Show your personality

If you’re not too keen on using your name, another great idea is to use words that describe your personality or identity.

  • Legal Nomads
  • The Blonde Abroad
  • Nerd Nomads

This is an incredible way to give your readers a taste of what you and your blog are all about before they even read a blog post. For example, in the case of Legal Nomads – Jodi used to be a lawyer, so the word legal is a great way to get a part of her background across.

3. Use unique words that evoke the feeling of travel

Words that evoke the feeling of travel always make for a great blog name! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Avoid over-used words like “nomad”. It’s a cool word that fits, but it’s definitely overused and extremely branded by a top travel blogger.

4. Use two words and combine them

You can even use two words and combine them. For instance, if your main jam is traveling and trying out local food, you could combine the world “Airplanes & Dishes”. This may be just me, but I really love blog names with a “&” in them. It also makes creating a logo super easy!

5. Mix a travel-related word with an evocative/descriptive adjective

Another idea I love is to mix a travel-related word with an adjective or adverb. A few examples of this include:

  • Darling Escapes
  • Spirited Pursuit
  • Practical Wanderlust

Not only does this create an original blog name idea, but this is also a great move to make if you, in the future, might want to write about other lifestyle topics as well. Like, they’re sort of related to travel, but don’t necessarily need to JUST be about that.

6. Adapt a popular quote, phrase or title

Another cool way to come up with an original name for your blog is to adapt a quote or title. This will make your blog stand out from the crowd and make it really memorable. It could be a short quote you live by, the title of your favorite book, or a phrase you love.

  • What do you see = What Do You Sea (not my idea, but this is Aaren’s blog name, and I LOVE it!)
  • The Call of the Wild = The Flight of the Wild
  • Stop in the name of love = Fly in the name of love (omg, please don’t use this one lol I’m embarrassed of myself for even thinking it)

Honestly, my ideas might not be very good but I guess you sort of get the gist. It’s all part of the process of coming up with travel blog name ideas. Grab a notebook and write down anything and everything that comes to mind. Some ideas might suck, but you will hit the jackpot eventually.

6. Or, if you want a niche travel blog, use a word to describe your niche

Having specific keywords in your blog’s name can be an amazing move when it comes to SEO. I could write an entire ebook about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but in short: Google will tend to rank you better if your blog’s name deeply reflects what your content is about.

If you want to write about travels in general and not sure exactly what topics you’ll be covering, you don’t have to worry much about it. if you want to niche down, however, you should definitely include a few keywords in there that will let Google know you’re an expert in the topic.

For instance, if your entire travel blog will be about traveling in Spain, a good name would be If you want to write about luxury travel in the Caribbean, then definitely go for a name that includes Luxury and the Caribbean in there.

Words for Unique Travel Blog Names

  • A. Adventure, Abroad, Affordable, Allure, Anywhere, Away, Around the World, Airplane, Adventurous, All aboard
  • B. Backpack, Boutique, Bucket List, Budget, Beach, Border, Boarding pass
  • C. Compass
  • D. Departures, Drifter, Destinations
  • E. Exploring, Everywhere, Escapade, Escape, Earth, Experiences
  • F. Farewell, Flight, Foreign, Foodie
  • G. Globe, Globe-trotting
  • H. Hand luggage, Highway, Holiday
  • I. International, Islands
  • J. Journey, Jet-Setter, Jaunt
  • M. Maps, Miles, Moving
  • O. Odyssey, On The Road, Out, Onboard
  • P. Postcard, Paths, Planet, Passport, Pursuit
  • Q. Quest
  • R. Roam, Runaway, Road, Route
  • S. Seafaring, Safari, Sailing, Suitcase, Sunny, Stamps, Stops
  • T. Travel, Trip, Train, Thrill
  • V. Voyage, Vagary (Greek word)
  • W. Wayfaring, Wandering, Wanderlust (may be overused, though), Wild, World

Unique Travel Blog Names & Ideas

Below are a few travel blog name ideas you can use as inspiration! Every single one of these potential travel blog names was created using my list of tips above.

  • Dishes & Airplanes
  • Barefoot Travels
  • Travel Stylish
  • Planet Affairs
  • The World To Me
  • A Packer’s Affair
  • Breakaway Travels
  • Crave Adventures, Will Travel
  • Have Passport, Will Travel
  • *Name* Adrift
  • Darling Travel
  • Inspired Adventures
  • Travel Addict on the Loose
  • Extraordinary Adventures
  • Passport Affair
  • Always Somewhere
  • Hideaway Travels
  • Barefoot Musings
  • Decadent Wanderings
  • Airplanes & Trains
  • Luxury Wayfarers
  • Bites & Travels

If you like any of these travel blog name ideas and they’re not already taken, feel free to claim them as yours! If not, you can definitely use them as inspiration to come up with your own.

Give it some thought

My biggest advice is to allow a few days to make the decision.

Grab a notebook and a pen and write down as many blog name ideas as possible, no matter how silly they sound. Take that notebook everywhere as you never know what idea might spark in your mind on your way to work or at the library.

Next, take a few minutes to go through all of your ideas. If you’re not 100% sure you LOVE a name – drop it. After you’re done scratching names out, grab the few travel blog names left on the list and try to figure out which one fits your personality best (you can even ask your friends to vote). Sleep on it before setting it in stone.

I know it might seem like a tedious process but I cannot stress enough the importance of making sure the name of your travel blog is just right. Not loving your travel blog’s name is like buying a house you’re not sure you see yourself living in!

Got your travel blog name figured out? It’s time to own it!

After you’ve come up with a great blog name (yay!), it’s time to make it yours! After you’ve purchased your domain name, the fun part of travel blogging will actually begin (you’ll be able to start writing posts, design your blog, and more!)

  1. Head over to Bluehost and click on “Get Started”.
Travel blog names

2. Next, choose the basic plan for $3.95 because for now, the other ones are way more than what you need and there is no point in paying more. Once your blog grows and you need more features, upgrading is really easy.

name ideas for travel blog

3. Now type in your blog’s name (yay!) to get your domain name set up! Make sure to double check that you’ve written it correctly before clicking next.

travel blog names

4. On the next page, you have to type in the usual: name, address, payment details, blah, blah, blah. I guess I don’t have to guide you through that because I’m sure you’ve bought stuff online in the past.

5. Choose how many months you want to pay for your hosting upfront. You’ll get the option to pay for 12, 24, 36, and 60 months. Basically, the monthly price goes down the higher the number of months you decide to pay right now.

I recommend getting the 24-month plan because it costs only a few more dollars than the 12 month one, so it will save you a lot of money in the long run (and it will also hold you accountable to keep working on your travel blog).

ideas for travel blog

And done! You officially own a travel blog with a kickass name!

Travel Blog Name Ideas: Conclusion

Coming up with travel blog name ideas is easy, but finding one you love might take a while, and that’s okay!

You’re starting a travel blog as a business, it’s important to take your time and make sure you won’t regret your choice in the long run. I hope this guide to finding the perfect name for your travel blog was useful and hopefully gave you some guidance on how to get started.

If you have any questions regarding your blog’s name, feel free to let me know or get in touch with me and I’d be more than happy to let you know what I think of your ideas! I definitely know how hard it is to take the plunge and choose a travel blog name (I’ve been there), so I’d love to help make the process easier for you.

Once you’ve found the perfect name for your travel blog, though, you’ll be all set! Starting No Hurry To Get Home was the best decision of my life. Not only has becoming a paid travel blogger changed my life in the sense that I can now make a living from writing about my travel experiences, but it has also allowed me to meet so many like-minded people from all over the world.

Aside from that, my blog has allowed me to work while traveling AND earn a passive income, which means I now work less than I did before I started blogging.

It definitely takes a TON of work to become a successful travel blogger, but the rewards are endless and I don’t think I would ever switch careers. Running this blog is what I’d like to do for the rest of my life if possible (and I really hope it is – I don’t think I could ever retire because I love what I do so much!)

I hope you are able to find the perfect name for your blog! Once you do, make sure to share it with me so I can take a look and follow you! 🙂

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links (Bluehost). What that means is that, I will earn a small commission if you make any purchases using the links on this blog post. Don’t worry! It comes at no extra cost to you and it helps me keep this travel blog running, so thank you!