8 Beautiful Things To Do in Corfu

Corfu is a total gem. Corfu is one of the best beach destinations in Europe, but it's also home to lush mountains that you can spend days hiking, and a hell of a lot of mythological legends, this little island on the Ionian has enough to keep you entertained for weeks on end. I spent a few days exploring the island with Vincent and while we got to see so many incred[...]

Seeing Orangutans the Right Way: Sepilok Orangutan Center

  The first thing you'll notice is the shake of the trees. If you're anything like me, your heart will be palpitating like crazy from excitement at this point. Slowly after, you'll begin catching glimpses of orange specks amid the leaves as orangutans swing towards the feeding platform. --- Even though Borneo is a mecca for wildlife sightings, the stars of the show ar[...]

5 Myths About Traveling Africa (And Why They’re Wrong)

  Two years ago, when I first announced my plans to visit Sub-saharan Africa, the first reactions I got were far from encouraging. "It's so dangerous! What if you get killed?" "But there's Ebola there. I also once read about a fly that can make you blind." "There's nothing there. Maybe the lions are cool but people in Africa can't even eat! And what about KONY?" *eye[...]

Things to do in Holbox Island, Mexico

How do you even begin to plan a trip to an island that is saturated by beauty, natural wonders, and picture-perfect white-sand beaches? Holbox Island used to be one of the biggest hidden gems in Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula, but it has gained a lot of popularity because, well... it's a truly amazing destination! With so many things to do in Holbox, planning the per[...]

How Much Does it Cost to Travel in Sri Lanka on a Budget?

I was surprised at how easy it is to travel Sri Lanka on a budget and how little I managed to spend backpacking the country. When you consider all the activities I managed to cram into just under three weeks, spending less than $600 on the entire trip was incredible, especially when you take into account that I visited Sri Lanka in high season. My itinerary involved the we[...]

Things To Do in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy was my first destination in Sri Lanka. While I was a bit disappointed at its bustling scene (I was under the impression that Kandy was a quiet town tucked away in the jungle), its cultural significance and incredible sights kept me busy every day I spent here. Kandy was once the capital of the ancient kings, and today, this town set right in the heart of Sri Lanka re[...]

Awesome Things To Do in Ella, Sri Lanka

Ella is a laid-back town in Sri Lanka where the jungle meets the mountains.  Although small, this quaint hill town is a vibrant spot with so many things to do for nature and culture lovers alike. My three-day stop in Ella was a highlight during my travels through Sri Lanka, so it only made sense for me to write a post on my favorite things to do in Ella! He[...]