What To Wear In Morocco?

  Planning a trip to Morocco and wondering what to wear? I’ve got you! Back in 2015, I inched my first footsteps into Tangier, totally unsure what would be deemed proper attire. It was a pretty last minute side trip from my Spain road trip, so I was really unprepared. And then I did something pretty dumb. Morocco was the first country with a majorly Muslim popu[...]

My Favorite Destinations in Morocco

If there’s a country that I feel I’ve gotten to know quite well, it’s Morocco. With so many destinations in Morocco to cover in one trip, it would be impossible to see everything in just one visit (unless you happen to have several months to spare). I’ve visited the country five times already, with no plans to stop exploring it any time soon. I have a shop&nbs[...]

Things To Do in Diani Beach

While my favorite activity in Diani Beach was definitely chill by the Indian Ocean, I was struck at how many more things to do in Diani Beach there are. I'd actually planned on staying just a few days here before moving on to Uganda, but once I found out how much there is to keep you entertained, I extended my stay to um... two weeks (the beauty of traveling long-term with[...]

African Safari Packing Essentials

  Packing for a safari sounds like tricky business, but it’s honestly easier than it sounds. There is absolutely no need to waste your money in safari gear that will ultimately wind up collecting dust in your closet. Going on safari doesn’t mean dressing up like Crocodile Dundee (you’re more than welcome to if that’s what you’re into, though!). There are jus[...]

Five Things The World Could Learn From Rwanda

I didn’t know what to expect from Rwanda. At school, I learned about the tragic genocide that marked the country's history. The image of a war-stricken Rwanda stuck with me forever, as it did to most. When I told people that Rwanda was on my list of countries to visit in Africa, I usually got puzzled looks. Why would anyone want to go to such a turmoiled place, anyway?[...]

How To Get From Mbeya To Malawi By Bus

Step One: Get from Mbeya to Malawi Border The first thing you must do to get from Mbeya to Malawi by bus is to reach the Malawian border. This is easy enough, but there are so many scams at the main bus station in Mbeya that claim to have a direct bus to different cities in Malawi. Don't go to the main bus station in Mbeya, there are no buses going to Malawi here! It's a w[...]